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Monday, April 03, 2006

Back to Iran

Here we again folks with George the Idiot Jr and his circus now using the excuse that Iran will use a biological bird flu to attack everybody. First it was nuclear materials for bombs and now this. Can you believe this dumbfuck and the idiots under him want to launch nuclear weapons into Iran by the end of April for a bullshit excuse that masks' the real reasons why. Let the following article be proof that this is bullshit just like Iraq was and we let it happen again. The american people are letting him do this. Instead he should be impeached. Clinton was almost impeached for a blowjob and we can't impeach Bush for the multiple crimes he has committed. Is everybody in Congress spineless. Anyway this will be the Idiots final mistake, it's to bad thousands will die in Iran before it happens. How can a president with only 33 percent approval rating continue being the president.

If I was Iran, China, or Russia I would not under any circumstances let him do it and get away with it without retaliation. If they do then this Idiot will do again and again, just like Iraq, 9/11, and many other crimes he has committed or has been complicate in. This is his last chance, he leaves in 2008, unless he can create a situation where he can't. Maybe he knows when he gets out he will be tried for crimes without daddy there to help. Who knows.

Heres the link:

Also If I were a member of the military right now I would be taking a good look at what this idiot is doing to our country and to our military. He doesn't own either one. In fact he could care less how many Americans die over there. He ain't over their, his kids are not over there, Cheney is not over there, his kids are not over there, no one in congress or their kids is over there. And they ain' going. They will justify it in their heads like all good cowards do and continue to lie. I would start forming a coalition of some kind and start to be asked to be pulled out of Iraq immediately no matter what the costs. It's not his blood it's yours. He can fight a war forever because he ain't in it. Never was. He's a war dodger, a coke head, and a criminal.

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