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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Matrix Deciphered part 4

A Call of Duty
"Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt".
– Shakespeare. Measure for measure (Act I, Scene IV).
In Greek Mythology Sisyphus was condemned to forever push a rock up hill every day as a punishment for philandering and revealing the designs of the gods to mortals. Everyday people go to work to push the same rock up hill in a seemingly futile task, just to have more work the next with no end. It is a metaphor to human existence. Why do we struggle to survive? Will we ever find the Garden of Eden again? Is existence a futile task? What differentiates Sisyphus from the rock is that he has a will, a desire, and motive to effect change. Without these primitive drives and desires, we are nothing more than stagnant stones. Will you effect change to help us create utopia, or are you an eroding stone there to be pushed?
Time to Decide

It is time to open your eyes and wake from the Matrix. I have tried to gently rouse you from your slumber. Can you face reality or would you prefer false purpose? Is your destiny to be a tax battery and battery replicator? I, for one, rather know the truth so I can work towards a better world and attack the source of the problems rather than mundanely maintain the status quo and further blanket the world with little lies diminishing the value and importance of self determinism and true freedom in our lives.
You are ready to join us when you can read the higher order message encoded in the matrix of words on the cover of this book.

The greatest scam of all time has been performed on the public by the grifters in government. Doctors of all professions have misdiagnosed test victims - from pulsatile tinnitus of unknown causes, to hearing voices, to pain that can’t be linked to physical illness. Police and the FBI have been tricked into thinking people are insane or have multiple personalities, and the list goes on. Almost everyone has been duped in one form or another - alien abductions, UFOs, satanic cults, possessions, psychics, hauntings, etc. Nobody will talk about the obvious truth - the corruption in the Pentagon/CIA and other places using our own tax dollars to torture, kill, and practice their psychic war on the public.
Informational Civil War – Truth Campaign

The Declaration of Independence states:
"whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

There is no way to keep our secrets of an informational counter strike from the agents of stupidity so no harm will come by disclosing some our current efforts. We will begin work on a movie based on my research investigation, personal history, and interviews of hundreds of others currently being experimented on. In order to fund the production of the movie assuming there are no brave producers out there willing to take on the Nazi elements in the power structure, we will be holding auditions for the parts in every major city in the country. We will be charging $30 for the chance to play a part in the movie. The money will be used for the filming and production. Visit or for more information.
We are looking to contract a video game company to reach the younger generation where the hero, the player, must disentangle the lies of the government, kill “sub”intelligence agents doing domestic spying, and save democracy from the evil, sociopathic, military industrial machine going under the secret psychoterrist name, “New World Order”. Electromagnetic mind control and mememic warfare will be the lessons taught in the videogame. How to use critical reasoning and logic to determine what is true in a world full of lies is what the current generation lacks.
The majority of the proceeds will be put back into creation of superconducting shelters and anti-psychotronics around the country and world until the sources of the killing signals can be rendered useless by possibly poisoning space and disrupting the ionospheric lens.
We are creating a name and organization database of all the people directly and indirectly involved in the massacre and torture through technology development, funding, or testing of these new weapons on the people. We are also creating a hero’s list in a memorial of those that have perished in this informational civil war on the website We are shining a spotlight of information on these cockroaches of deception. Watch them scurry back into the dark crevices of the shadow government.
The Mask of the Beast
“Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under’t”
– Shakespeare and U.S. government mantra.

The façade government looks like the innocent flower righteous and morale, but the shadow government is the serpent running things behind it. The façade government is just the mask of the beast.
The number of decade long tortures and death is truly staggering and has me dumbfounded as to how it has gone on as long as it has seemingly undetected or leaked to the public. I suppose I wouldn’t have believed it before my demonstration. Until your little point of light on the global human surveillance grid is targeted, you may have trouble believing or even wanting to believe the truth until it is too late.
Oddly enough, we make such a big deal about separation of church and state. But apparently, Satanism doesn’t count as a religion as long as the weapons testers are just pretending it is their religion. The number of laws broken when analyzed is so shocking as made so to be less believable.

Question Authority

Some fall by virtue and others rise by sin. - Shakespeare

Would you trust a hungry man with your food, a promiscuous man with your wife or daughter, a greedy man with your money, a drug addict with your prescriptions or a power seeking man with authority? Question authority! Secrecy is the mechanism that allows the power addicts to further their addiction at the expense of the community.

Other Tidbits

Reading through the Russian literature where psychotronics is more openly discussed, really opens ones eyes as to how long this technology has existed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we had a free for all of x-KGB agents and scientists willing to sell their secrets. You can still find some of these soldiers of fortune who will talk for a price. There are many kilograms of purified Uranium unaccounted for. Everything was for sale including their research on EEG heterodyning.
I have been criticized by many people for divulging these weapons systems and the CIA interrogation and torture tactics. Freedom of speech is of utmost importance in reeling in the secret government programs that allow rogue groups who hide behind the shroud of secrecy in the name of national security to randomly select and practice kills on good citizens all in the name of weapons testing efficacy data.
America is under attack and our way of life in the most diabolical imaginable method. The greatest threat to America and the world is this technology being used to manipulate our political system and the disinformation machine that has its grip on news and Hollywood.
Tinnitus is one of the major side effects of being one of the thousand points of light as President Bush senior, a former CIA director, slyly alluded to in a public speech. The war room that houses the screens that show all the tracked people show them lit up like a thousand points of light. The tinnitus often will have a 3.2 hz pulsing plus a fast frequency hopping signal if one is sensitive enough to perceive it. These are related to the microwave hearing effect and an undesirable side effect of the system. The 3.2 hz pulsing is used like binaural beat frequencies to synchronize the brain patterns and hypnotize the subject.

Paranoia will Destroya

The spooks and goons have become so paranoid about being caught under public scorn and scrutiny that they have become afraid of their own shadows. As more leaks out about these decade long torture and kill ratio experiments on the naïve public, there will be honorable men and women dissenting from the conspiracy. Trust will begin to break down and paranoia levels rise. High treason is punishable by public execution, so the current regime has much at stake to maintain the secrecy about these events. Immunity to prosecution at both the international level and psychotronic treason trials will be given to those that come forward first. Superconducting shielded safe rooms and ESR jammers will be provided to isolate them from the network while they testify and to protect them from whistle blower repercussions of remote heart attacks or forced speech false confessions.
If Americans can take back their government and the doctrines of the nation realized again, we will have a long process of healing from so much broken trust. We must compensate countries internationally for all the “shadow” government tortures and assassinations. We should hand over the top leaders that ordered these experiments on the world population, the agents that participated in the operations, or anyone who knew about them and remained silent.
Bush Jr. scorned the NSA whistle blowers for coming forward. You can reason how he and his father might be involved in the cover up.
This will be a long arduous process for our countrymen to regain constitutional controls over these weapons systems. In the meantime, defenses will need to be devised, manufactured and disseminated to the general public. Don’t expect all this to happen overnight.
You could of course help by simply lifting a finger and putting pressure on Congress to order an independent investigation into these allegations. You could pressure the media and ask them why they refuse to report or investigate these more important matters rather than their current priorities.

The Cover Up
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"
--Thomas Jefferson

This is the most difficult topic to cover because of the complexity and complete diabolical nature of the cover up. The CIA/DoD chose to study the progression of herpes by purposefully infecting teenagers with mental disabilities many years back. They fed radiation mostly to down syndrome and mentally challenged people for the 30 year study. They have tested biological weapon agents on prisoners. The legislature had to pass specific laws to protect prisoners and pregnant women to give you an idea how out of control the human effects testing cells are.
With psychotronic torture and mind control testing, they look for people with heightened awareness and high stress levels as well as borderline paranoid schizophrenics. The reason for this is many fold. One, it is easy to hide the testing by creating identical symptoms as widely programmed known mental illness in the victims thereby discrediting their testimony and creating a pattern of seeking psychological help. Two, the brains that amplify electromagnetic signals best are those in flight or fight mode or oversensitived to external stimuli. Three, because of the nature of EEG heterodyning or psychotronic generators, schizophrenic like symptoms are inherently the outcome of overlaying another brainwave pattern onto someone. So, the subjects of these brutal tests can easily be hidden in the general population of the 1% that have schizophrenia. Disgustingly devious indeed!
To scientifically segment out the psychotronic victims from the population with natural dementia can be done in many ways although the populations are not mutual exclusive. Microwaves and UHF penetrate deeply into buildings and the Earth so shielding is difficult. A super conductor shielded box could be constructed for $500,000 or less. Using the air force specs from their neurological weapons tests, the high-end digital oscilloscopes operating to 100 gigahertz would be needed to demonstrate a correlation between a pulse, amplitude, or frequency modulated external signal with EEG recordings from the subject. This equipment will cost upwards of $250,000. Don’t expect help from the government to fund this research that could dispel all that I am saying here or prove it. DARPA scientists were sent in to figure out why microwaves were being directed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Interestingly, no one cares to investigate these scientific claims in the U.S.. Pretty obvious what is going on isn’t it?
Since the scripts used to disorient the EEG heterodyned test subjects haven’t changed in years, a questionnaire can easily be constructed to begin finding all the victims. Any speak of aliens, god, possession, multiple personalities, satanic ritual abuse are often victims that fell for the scripts meant to confuse them. Others smart enough to have figured out who was behind it will talk about government and the long stream of declassified documents of mind control projects like MKULTRA that state stalking and intimidation practices in the manual. But almost everyone has been brainwashed into assuming if someone talks about government agents stalking them that that person is crazy. There are no questions left in their snap judgment by the general public or professional psychiatrist. Truly diabolical is how knowledge of these programs have been kept out of main stream awareness. It is sickening how taxpayer dollars are used to keep the public ignorant.
To make sure that patterns of people targeted aren’t discovered, the cells select many random people both geographically, psychographically, and demographically. This allows them to collect their brain data and weapons efficacy data while still assassinating and silencing dissenters, journalists, whistle blowers, scientists, and good patriotic Samaritans who become aware of the epidemic of corruption or mind control weapons being used on the population. Ironically, this pattern is telling in itself. A specific delusional psychological illness should have a pattern based genetically or culturally. But from my large sample of survivors, this absolutely is not the case.

There is Hope

If you are reading this book, then it was published and there is hope that total control of all information streams has not yet been achieved.
Waking up the sleepy minds of the population that have not been vigilant in safeguarding our freedom is occurring with grass roots efforts. The survivors are becoming more organized and determined to get this issue talked about by the world. Demonstrations all over the country are occurring, despite a complete news black out of them. Writing campaigns have been continuous despite the non-response by media and politicians. Phone petitioning is occurring at a rate of 700 people a day and we are planning to scale. 10,000 emails a day are going out to raise awareness. Advertising has been placed throughout the country. Hundreds of websites have been built describing individuals interpretation of these atrocities. Other countries ambassadors have been notified as to the anti-democratic practices against their people by the United States. This book will be translated into 12 languages so as to help victims understand the technology, scripts, and reason for their senseless demise. And high profile publicity stunts to get news coverage are planned, which will undoubtedly land some of us in jail. But you can’t say you’re an activist until you get arrested. All this could be avoided if the issues were just acknowledge and addressed by the media and politicians. You’ve never heard about all this. Scary isn’t it?

Unsympathetic Rationalities
So let’s say you, the reader, is a hard core military type who can rationalize why weapons need to be tested on humans and countrymen. You will say to me and thousands of others, “You just got unlucky and your point of light was targeted. That’s why you’re bitter. They need to do this to protect the rest of the population in this arms race.” The problem with that argument that I’ve heard several times is that this weapon is language and culture specific. To develop and test the weapon mostly on Americans means it will be most effectively used against Americans. On top of that, every weapon we have developed has been stolen by other countries. So we have developed a weapon whose current and future use will be on Americans. That’s brilliant military thinking for you. Also, if everyone benefits from torture weapons, then everyone should have to take part. Diversify the torture and kill attempts rather than focusing it on a few thousand people for years. Release the U.S. psychotronic hostages and get some fresh electromagnetic mind control slaves! The obvious response, is that our army and movement composed of friends, family, sympathizers, patriots and surviving victims will grow in numbers and power in every country with each new weapons test and torture victim. This new form of brutality and enslavement will not be forgiven in a single generation.
Possibly more than 35,000,000 people have died because these selfish morons have kept this secret for so long just so they can play their cloak and dagger games. They have hindered and purposefully stagnated technological progress in order to increase their controlling lead over the civilian scientists and entrepreneurs.

Where does the blame go for our loss of democracy over the decades?

Clearly, the media and press have been too cowardly to take on the sensitive but important issues. They have, each decade, remained silent while thousands of weapons test victims have testified to them, then only to briefly mentioned that it turns out they were telling the truth decades later when most of them were dead. Their purpose in a free society is to help keep the checks and balances and to report to the governments employer, the public, if they are not doing their job to our satisfaction.
Politicians have been too submissive to the Pentagon. The Pentagon says we need these weapons to keep up with the Russians or whomever and this is the only way to collect kill ratios. It is “vital to nation security” is the magic password. Clearly, there are an infinite number of other solutions to accomplish the same thing if they were smart enough. The shame goes to them for not doing their job at protecting the citizens and civil liberties as they were tasked. They consistently misprioritize what laws are in need of immediate passing to spell out that murder and torture by government or citizens is illegal and unconstitutional in all the high-tech forms it takes. They fail to educate themselves on mind control technologies or consult with experts to explain clearly how these represent the biggest threat to freedom of speech, thought, and actions. Nothing should be of greater importance for a true democracy adhering to the original documents of the constitution and declaration of independence.
Blame goes to the public, for not being vigilant as Thomas Jefferson warned. For being too wrapped up into their daily lives trying to survive and not caring enough about freedoms to act themselves, everyone hopes someone else will take on this role because they are too busy. Shame on the public for not asking more questions, for easily accepting blatant lies from the top officials. Every president gets caught in at least a couple. Imagine the number that are not caught.
The people are too trusting of a deep rooted history of lying by politicians. Whether it is Nixon, “I’m not a crook” or Bush Senior “No new taxes” or Clinton “I didn’t have sex with her” or Bush Jr. “They are the axis of evil” not me. Just read between their lips and ask the hard questions and don’t be afraid to accuse them when their stories don’t jive.
The police and lower level FBI agents are too uneducated and ignorant of these matters to only add insult to injury. They have done the equivalent of incarcerating women who come in to report a rape. The message is “keep your mouth shut”.
Psychologists and psychiatrists are to blame for buying into the disinformation. They haven’t validated their assumptions through basic science while practicing their pseudoscience on these victims. Their general thought is that no one can blame them for being mediocre and practicing the status quo of their text books.
As a society we are to blame for creating so many sociopathic killing machines. We program people into soldiers through boot camps and never fix their psychology when the war is over. Many of these programmed sociopaths rise in ranks throughout the government. The purposeful twisted thinking induced to mind control people into killing on command is never corrected after the killing is done. This thinking continues throughout their lives.
Porter Goss deserves blame for being too weak to tell the truth about torture and morally void for not stopping the CIA MKULTRA/RHIC mind control torture and experimentation programs that have continued without pause even after they were caught doing it on several occasions. He is the definition of a weak puppet leader.
You wait, you’ll see that one of these treasonous criminals to democracy and uncreative pieces of garbage will come forward in their memoirs on their death bed to justify their inability to find other solutions, and state, “We had to do it to keep up with the Russians.”
And lastly, I blame myself for being so naïve about politics, history, and government corruption for so long. I was brought up with all American ideals and just assumed that they were working. I bought into the programming and propaganda hook, line, and sinker. But I am doing all I can to ensure freedom of thought, speech, press, and expression around the world now. This book is currently being translated into twelve other languages.

The Constitutional Flag and New America

To symbolize our movement and separation from those that have stolen our freedom, dignity, and flag, we propose this new one. The main three colors of the flag are made from primary colors. They are the three colors that the cones in the human retina can perceive. They represent diversity and the multiple self consistent perspectives whose summation is truth as well as America as a melting pot of ethnicities. The intersection of these perspectives is white, representing the enlightened full spectrum understanding, with the Latin word for truth, Veritas. The other Latin phrases at the intersections, say “Acta Sanctorum”, “The Deeds of Saints”. It is a reminder what the thousands have had to endure and what we do to fight this oppression is for a greater purpose. We will be judged as Saints in history for what we must do to free America. The final phrase “Vindicet Liberatas” means “Avenger of Freedom”. Only through action and vigilance can we restore our freedom and the Constitution. We must bring to justice the corrupt, the conspirators, and the compliant that have allowed fascism to rise again. This time in the U.S. executive branch of government under the guise of a “Shadow government”. It also contains the traditional symbols of the Liberty Bell, the American Bald Eagle, and the Constitution.
Please tear out the flag in this book and tape it to your window as a show of support for the true constitutional values that created this country and to support the silent or outspoken freedom fighters of this nation suffering in the invisible and very secret electromagnetic concentration camps.

Humor Break

So when Bush and Dick took office the community moral standards changed and Seymour Butts, a porn star, was arrested for the new standards of sodomy. “Tit” is a word the FCC now fines on air. In a hypocrisy when “Bush and Dick” are often said in the news, one must wonder what a Rumsfeld is. Is it anything like tossing a salad? You can surmise Bush's and Dick's psychological damage from children making fun of their names much of their lives.

Simple Fix

Listen. Here is the simple fix. America could be saved by some simple legal changes if the politicians were truly in control. They could win back tens of thousands of disenchanted, angry Americans and a waning international standing if they enacted these legal and operational changes.

1) Change the electronic eavesdropping laws to include video signals and brain waves.
2) Stop all non-consensual human experimentation by the DoD at least on Americans.
3) Set up a task force with the expertise and equipment to detect psychotronic and directed energy weapons that would respond to any request for help.
4) Amend the space preservation act of 2001, back to its original form banning psychotronics, mind control, and directed energy weapons so that space doesn’t turn into a war stricken junkyard unusable for commercial ventures. Make monitoring human bioelectromagnetic energy illegal by the so called “ionospheric heaters” or “continental ballistic missile over the horizon radar” systems similarly punishable by 20 or more years in prison.
5) Publicly admit guilt and apologize like they have in the past with each previous version of discovery of MKultra, Artichoke and other horrific military human traitorous experimentation on US taxpayers. Have congress award a settlement to the victims.
6) Have the U.S. sign all the international treaties regarding the use of these types of neurological weapons.
7) Pass new laws that prevent future crimes using these technologies, for example murders committed through EEG heterodyning (i.e. programmed assassins). Finally go back through the FBI files to find all the wrongly incarcerated people that were used to commit crimes through EEG heterodyned influenced brainwaves. I have discovered several high profile cases that have the same scripts practically unaltered as for many test victims. Clearly this should constitute reasonable doubt of their guilt.
8) Order an independent investigation into all agencies and subcontractors involved with these EEG heterodyned crimes. You will find it is the same ones who were involved with the previous radiation experiments conducted on thousands of Americans for over 30 years. Publicly shame them and incarcerate those that ordered it. Invoke the death sentence for murder and treason of those involved with psychic assassinations and torture of Americans as per current law of the land.
9) Stop the DoD from using economic black mail and extortion for entities that don’t comply with their corrupt will. Enforce whistle blower protection laws so these kind of programs can be stopped sooner.
10) Order the release of the scientific data surrounding EEG heterodyning, neurological machine interfacing, and electromagnetic biological non thermal effects for immediate consumption and use in the commercial sectors to stimulate a magnificent and much needed new growth industry.
11) Make RADAR surveillance by the “ionospheric heaters” pointed on US illegal (HAARP, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and others). Make scatter RADAR, MRI, ESR techniques illegal and clearly stipulate it is a constitutional violation of privacy and a form of false imprisonment at the minimum. Body electromagnetic fields can not be gathered nor analyzed by any type of military or government sensor system without a warrant that includes sensors from satellites or the large phased array ionospheric heater fields.
12) Make domestic spying using EEG cloning through people or animals, using their visual cortex information reconstructed, translated, or cloned, illegal too.

Problem solved. Now how do you get the free thinkers and good spirits still left in the House of Representatives and Senate to act on this gravely important issue? But more importantly how can it be enforced since Congress has held many investigation such as the Church hearings and they were never complied with. Most will act based on the fear of losing their constituency. So further public outrage and education is a must. The media won’t discuss this topic for many reasons. But guerrilla information warfare tactics, might still be effect enough with some publicity stunts to draw attention to the plight of thousands in these secret mind concentration camps if not more affected by the psychotronic signals worldwide. Now of course I don’t have realistic expectations that our country can competently accomplish these changes anytime soon. The US has had these capabilities since 1960. The military and CIA rewrote history and made it look like the Russians were the first to have it since the US embassy in Moscow incident. This help to raise more money for the continued construction of the global human surveillance grid.
Sovereign nations and communities be warned

Every embassy on the planet has received a copy of this book if you are reading it. It is important that other countries understand the two headed monster of our politics. One that acts as the morally righteous world police and the other that plays with no rules and is vicious and scheming. It is important that they know we don’t have a true democracy anymore and we are certainly in no position to force our politics onto other countries since we weren’t able to maintain our constitution. It is important that they know a global directed energy weapons system exists and is being used to affect brain function in the most anti-democratic ways imaginable. It is important for them to see our intentions for global expansionism and to find ways to protect themselves against mind manipulation technologies and complex, covert mememic and informational warfare. We are engaging in a world war of a new kind. We are the aggressors this time, conducting psychological war on both our own population and the world community at large.

Why does the United States have the illusion of freedom with fascism behind it, a facade government and a shadow government?

It can best be illustrated with a child. If you want the child to rake the leaves in the yard, you could order him and pay him to do the task. He/she will begrudgingly do it and call it a chore. We have traditionally been taught to think of this approach as communism, authoriatoriansim, autocracy, or dictatorship. But, if you allow the child the privilege to rake the leaves in the pile so he and his friends can jump and play in the pile, he/she is grateful and will do it for free. It is the illusion of choices and freedom that can increase productivity of the military/industry complex.

Similarly, if a country were to draft people into an army like in Vietnam, people begrudgingly do it. They will fight half heartedly. Give them an imaginary ideal where they are willing to die for their principle and cause, they will sign up and fight righteously.

It is this layer of lies that has given the United States an edge over other forms of government in order to control and motivate the minds of the masses more efficiently.

This method of rule turns out to be a double edge sword. It relies heavily on the ability to control information streams so that the illusion doesn't come crashing down. The backlash of a population that believed they were free, will also be willing to overthrow a fascist shadow government just as fervently if the knowledge reached critical mass. Simply the lies needed to discount everyone as crazy would start falling apart as people became more aware of the cover ups. This is their Achilles heal. Knowledge is power and an informational civil war is how they can be destroyed.
Defeating Tyranny

So to weed out an infiltration of mind controlled zombies referred to as MKULTRA programmed in the upper ranks of this government or others, the background checks, polygraphs, and even brain prints won’t be completely effective given my demonstration at how these agents practice and control every vital sign and thought. But like in Blade Runner, I have devised a set of questions with an eye gaze response recorder that will tell if that person if controlled without polygraph or brain printing techniques.
I have discovered some EEG signals that I think are unique to those under the influence, the so called “electric heads”. And obviously, anyone who has tinnitus or occasional bouts of it should be under suspicion of being controlled by the global human surveillance grid and MIND network.
Other Investigation Efforts

We are trying to get permission from the families of test victims to exhume the bodies of people who have killed themselves because they couldn't stand the torture any longer. We want to put their brain tissue and cerebral fluid under an electron scanning tunneling microscope to look for any anomalies that would help us conclude whether a radioactive marker, florescent dye that operates in another spectrum, or an engineered nanotechnology might be at work acting as a tracking method or electromagnetic synaptic modulator, i.e. sensitizers. This investigation will takes years given our limited financial resources and staff, not to mention the enormous hurdles and barriers set up by those trying to stop us.

“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die?
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? “
- William Shakespeare

Operation Restore Freedom

To restore true freedom and bring the treasonous criminals in the shadow agencies to justice, please do the following:

Religions – spread the word that the United States has three different weapons to “throw the voice of God”. This immoral use and unconstitutional use to persecute and control religious groups has to stop.

Taggers – write these Latin words above over passes and where ever the prophets’ words are read. “Qui Vindicit Ibit” or The Avenger Will Come. This will help remind people who know about theft of our constitutional guarantees and make others question what it means.

Free America – save your friends and family by asking them to read this book. You are less valuable as an experiment if you know about the technology and methods. It could save their life.

Uncontrolled information streams – Quote this book freely and often. Spread the word.

Foreign Governments – Start aggressive work on psychotronic defenses. Protect your populations by building jamming, detection, and superconducting shelters. Make policies that if the United States and NATO cohorts attack your citizenry with psychotronic weapons it will be viewed as an act of war. Demand that they release those that are held hostage currently in secret psychotronic concentration camps to be released. Demand the U.S. to sign electromagnetic weapons and mind control international treaties or threaten to shoot down any satellite weapon that crosses your airspace or any radar system that aims energy at your population.

Victims of government experimentation – come forward. Only in unity can we demonstrate the mass atrocities and crimes the U.S. shadow government is guilty of. Contact the many worldwide support organizations.

Pressure Congress to hold hearings – Bring John Alexander and Delgado in front of Congress. If they refuse to tell the truth, hold them in contempt of Congress and then imprison them. If/when their involvement in the treachery is revealed, we must reinstate the death penalty for attacking the American public as high treason.

Intellectuals – Boycott the DoD and NASA by not supply them with research.

Join in the several countrywide protests that occur each year to raise awareness and try to stop this abuse, torture, and killing experiments on the public.

To restore a democracy, we must weed out all the DoD, CIA and other government personnel who have committed acts of treason against the people of this country. That includes murder, torture, and informational, psychological and mememic warfare. We should show mercy and leniency and not use the recommended sentence of death for these sometimes misguided or misused agents of conspiracy but hold public execution for those who commanded these “exercises” under the laws of high treason.
Arguments for Succession
High Treason

I don't care if you are accidentally the President or Vice President, but if you intentionally point your weapon at your country men and shoot them in the head, you are a traitor. I'm talking about funding black ops psychotronics on the public not about VP Dick Cheyney shooting his friend in the face. That was supposedly an accident while drunk hunting and he mistook his friend for a Dan Quayle.
Any government that funds these tortures and random assassinations is illegitimate according to the founding documents of this country as are any other agencies that follow their command. We have been under illegitimate governments since WWII. If only one person is enslaved and tortured in this country, we should be ashamed to ignore it, but to know that thousands are and to still selfishly do nothing to help our fellow countrymen demonstrates what a sham patriotism and unity is. These people shit on the graves of all the soldiers who have fought and died in every war. Selfishness and cowardice are in, and integrity and truth are passe'. We are the "At least it isn't me," generation. It is time to divide up the land and part our ways. The people's vastly opposite ideals of these united states have become too different and is not united except under lies and psychological manipulation by the press and agencies.

Economics 101 – Arguments for Succession

As everyone knows who studied economics; there is a point on the profitability vs. size curve where it turns around. It is a fundamental graph and concept to industrial scalability. Why are corporations often limited by size and scalability? It has to do with the burden of administrative and management costs. Imagine if the US government continues to grow into a “new one world order”, and every country becomes McDonaldsized. Acting as world police and subsuming dominions like Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia would only increase this burden. If for example California or Texas succeeded from the US, it could drop its tax burden by 25%-30% and still achieve the same operations. Bush bribed the country $500 to get elected, I am offering tens of thousands back to you the tax payers to cut off the welfare collecting federal government and war machine.
The remaining chumps can keep policing the world and whatever they think they accomplish. California and Texas are completely self sufficient.
This overhead and management cost/profit inversion is why large companies are broken up. Competition is what makes companies (and governments) improve. People who need medicinal marijuana move to northern California. People who want dry cities can find them in Massachusetts. People who want to gamble and have clean prostitution go to Nevada. People who want multiple wives become Mormon and move to Utah. The homogenizing pressures of a federal government in the US is great enough to be slowly destroying the diversity within. The same effect of forcing democracy/hypocrisy onto other countries will not create the competitive environment to keep the people happy by finding where they fit. One size does not fit all. Let's stop super sizing.
So humor this idea of separation for a moment. The state can manage themselves far more efficiently. Neighboring states will still have friendly agreements. Not much would change. But if one state's secret agency attacked another states population with weapon experimentation like the CIA/Navy have on many occasions it would mean war. Every state has nukes. You dose our citizens with LSD (California), drop biological viruses on us (San Francisco), you kidnap our people under the guise of alien abduction (all states), you use electromagnetic weapons on us (cities in New Mexico, Oregon, and many others) we declare war on you! You can see how the federal government in this context acts like a crime family just in the context of documented history.

Slowing the fungus like growth of the federal entity

Segmentation of the country would also serve the purpose to put restraints on the growth of the power and tyranny of the black operations and other corruption that is occurring at ever increasing scale and possibly provide protection for the new entities from the increasing and provoked hatred of the US government around the world. And if that isn’t reason enough, think of the huge tax burden that will be lifted with more efficient localized government that is tailored and responsive to the needs of the people at a fraction of the cost.
Harbingers for Humanity

Our groups are working with a CNN, ABC, and Washing Post reporter but no one else before us has been able to break through the media information lockdown so my hopes are not very high. Barring a few brave journalist and publications, the media has been complacent, compliant, and much to blame for the secret fascist shadow government’s rise to power.
We have done everything humanly possible to alert as many people as we can. We have a call center dialing about 700 people a day. We have sent out mass mailings, mass emailings, posted websites, sent thousands of letters to government agencies and representatives, protested, petitioned, etc. Without control of the television media, it is impossible to get a critical mass of awareness in America. Welcome to the land of free speech.
We are testing every channel of communication. Our paid advertisements are rejected from major publications. I assume this book will not make it into Barnes and Noble for the same cowardly reasons other media hesitate. Welcome to the home of the brave. I am lining up my successors for the making of this topic into a main stream film. We may be forced to shoot it in a freer country given the topic. It will be interesting to see how locked up and controlled Hollywood is.
This is why we have people periodically running on the White House lawn and shouting they have important information for the president. They couldn’t break through the information stream lockdown and didn’t realize the country has already been takeover. We have to fight to win back our freedom. If you are a “slave to the man”, an indentured servant working 9-6, heads down as a cog of the machine on some relatively unimportant task in the grand scheme of things, you don’t have time, the will, nor the brain cycles to solve this puzzle. That is intentional. Even if you can reach financial escape velocity of 1 million dollars in a bank account earning an average of $100,000 in interest before taxes, you still are not free. You are contained within the public opinion propaganda show on the hypnotube. And given most people’s sheepish herding instinct, it becomes your own uneducated opinion.
At least I wasn’t the first to realize the information lockdown. The former head of the LA FBI, and a special agent of international terrorism I conversed with also found out that it is impossible to break the media barrier. They too were CIA/DoD torture victims. If with those credentials you can’t get any media time ahead of the news story about the cat stuck in the tree that firemen had to rescue, you definitely know that the television news is a joke. Are you beginning to glimpse what the matrix of deception is yet? Information control, both traditional media, and direct remote neural interfacing.
For those of us who reject the illogical programming, and who are being thrown into psychotronic concentration camps because we are the greatest threat to awakening the masses, we have all commented on the dumbing down of the population over the last couple decades. People don’t ask the difficult questions and only dive down one or two levels of logical deductions for any major political topic. As Hitler said, “It is a good thing for leaders that the people are so stupid.”
As an example of this dumbing down of the general populous, let’s look at a few facts of the so called Terrorist acts against the U.S. Several letters mailed to Senators contained multiple grams of weapons grade Anthrax. The source of the Anthrax was tracked back to a DoD lab on the East Coast. Several grams of Anthrax is not necessary to kill someone. Why would they waste such a large amount in a few letters? If you wanted to do major damage, you would have gone to the top of the Empire State building and dumped it, making several city blocks uninhabitable. But, the effect of the mailings is that it cut off another information stream. Senators don’t read their own mail anymore and don’t receive many communications they once did. Coincidence that the Anthrax was from a top secret U.S. DoD lab?
How about our paranoia about bringing down planes? There are lots of suicide bombers apparently. Yet drug smugglers find ways to bring in tens of tons of illegal drugs into the U.S. One very known way is to smuggle them in the human or animal body. Heroin smugglers often surgically implant plastic sacs of heroic in female carriers' breasts. Why not plastic explosives? They surgically implant sacs of drugs in dogs. Why not TNT? What is the airport security scare really about?
Next time you are standing up with your hand over your heart at a sporting event singing along to the national anthem, ask yourself if you are willing to fight and die for true constitutional freedom right now if you believed what I and thousands of others have testified to. If not, sit down and shut up you hypocritical coward!
Most disturbingly, given my background I would have expected a single serious response from any number of government organizations about what I was told through the microwave hearing effect by my captors. They said that they observed me through my invention process before they decided that I should be a target of torture and they are going to use one of my unpatented inventions. They said in order to bypass the satellite MRI and heat signatures for bringing purified plutonium or Uranium into the country in a suitcase bomb, they needed to use in addition to lead, liquid nitrogen cool superconducting shielding. After the collapse of the Soviet Union over a decade ago, I researched where many kilograms of missing purified uranium might have gone. It is still unaccounted for to this day. There are 5 suitcase nuke detonation devices known to exist although they aren’t that difficult to build. It makes you wonder if the open ports measure that the government tried to slip by the citizens recently, wasn’t a tactic to point the finger at how the device could have gotten in the country as a justification for a world war. There are 4 very well known purification techniques for Uranium. Most high school chemistry classes are taught 2 of them.


I swear under Oath that I have stated the truth to the best of my abilities. This concludes my report. It is both a plea for help from the constitutional rebellion that represents true democracy and a warning to the human race of the evil elements that currently rule.
I will not use metaphor like the film industry to explain to the populous what is occurring. We are being used like pawns in a chess game for world domination by control of our beliefs. My own words will be used against me to further the psychological control of the population. You must trust in yourself. Use logic and question authority to find your own answers. War is hell. Life is unfair. It is time to wake up from the dream and save the species from the severely misguided that are destroying our future to get their power fix.
So we are in the 9th inner in this game of deception. You have been explained the science, the politics, the history, and the methods. As complex as your new model of reality might seem, it still has more explanatory and predictive power than what you had before. Many people make the leap of faith to believe in God without any science but just from testimony of those that lived in that time. If you don’t understand the science, I and the thousands of others ask you to take that same leap of faith that we are not lying. The game has been set up so that you only have two choices: to believe we are all “crazy” or the scary and dreadful truth of what is said in this report. Our government is corrupt, out of control, and illegitimate according to the constitution. People are being randomly singled out and are being tortured and slaughtered like cattle. Wars are being engineered through these weapons, politics manipulated, and the masses herded into believing anything they want. Wouldn’t you rather have a legitimate government, the truth in the news, and real self determinism?
So, hopefully I have helped many victims of government drug experimentation, practice silent assassinations, torture, MKULTRA mind control, neurological and nervous system disruptor weapons testing, remote controlled heart attack test survivors, and directed energy weapons testing by showing you that the inhumane treatment and false imprisonment by advanced technology isn’t done by evil aliens, but just the usual suspects of treacherous government criminals hiding in the dark crevices under an impenetrable cloak of “national security” so that they don’t need to answer for their stupidity and crimes against the people of the world.
We have two worlds and both are a dream and a nightmare, but neither is reality. Welcome to the hypocrisy of the democracy that we are spreading onto the world like a plague. While neither the electromagnetic matrix nor the psychological matrix of deception is real or true, we can conclude that we live on the planet of the apes and the militant, non-evolving chimps rule over the humans.

The Matrix Deciphered part 3

See Part 1 for info on author and book in "previous posts section". Also make hard copies and distribute widely.

Biocommunication and World Control

Once again, I must question why the so called “Eastern Block” countries are more forthcoming with their research than the US and even NATO aligned countries. The US government has hindered civilian research in this area tremendously through their active disinformation noise campaigns . Imagine how much material gets first filtered by the communist countries, then the CIA, and finally we have to overcome the barriers of language to get this. Why is there more information coming in from outside the so called “free world” than internally? The answer is obvious for those who have seen the matrix of deception from both sides of the country’s split personality.
So this is a theory that is incredibly disturbing that crossed my path since becoming fairly well known as a researcher in this area. Often I get anonymously sent information from other saints which I examine with a skeptical mind due to the countless disinformation agents out there. But this deserves to be told.

“A machine for every man, women, and child. Now that sounds like the thinking of a machine to me.”
- Morpheus, The Matrix series

For this book I over simplify some of the concepts so that it can reach more people. I preface this complex idea with the notice that it is still being simplified for general consumption.
Bioelectric field modulation could well be the mode of one type of interaction of these directed energy weapons. This is what is studied most amongst the New Age group and the “psychics” of yesteryear as well as what comes out of the Eastern Block. We know that informational coherent neuron modulation will connect with any brain. Both magnetic and electric fields in the most basic form interact with neuron communication, but the reason we don’t go into convulsions from all the electromagnetic signals that our bodies absorb is that they are not significant in terms of the repetitive time series cognitive pathways (i.e. brain entrainments). There is a precise opportunity for amplification and thereby modulate and piggy back brain signals with another external signal. Your informational pattern and cognitive model is nothing like any signal you would absorb from radio stations or electrical appliances. One must exactly get the train of pulses correct in order to influence the outcome significantly and amplify the effects.

Growing Virtual Neurons

This is one method to usurp a mind and create a higher order MIND network. Let’s look at Medusa’s head again in the dendrites of the neuron. Assuming one could wirelessly measure some property that was representative of the state of that neuron, one could grow virtual neurons connected to it. Since many methods of neurotransmitter modulation are researched along with raw electric or magnetic current induction methods, influencing the voltage at the Hillock of a neuron can be done. With just those two sets of tools, one can grow virtual neurons to every human brain. Cyberneticists working on the concept of a “Global Brain” have no clue that it has already been done to some extent and completely wirelessly. They all focus on neural chips and plug in brain links.

Furthering this idea to its logical end, one could create a higher order mind from connecting all human minds together, a Global Brain. Has it been done? I know for certain that many people have been mapped and connected to the U.S. MIND network. Whether that is just for current and future use as spy and control conduits, or whether this large collection of minds has been or is being integrated is unknown to me. Certainly hive minds with 2 to 6 people are being created and tested in the thousands of cells. Whether those cells are somehow connected to each other through a collective hive mind switchboard is also unknown.
The virtual neurons can be of a self organizing type – example another human brain or computed neurons. Or they could be non-adapting virtual neurons used to “force” new thought processes and program thought pathways (neural programming). The possibilities are mind blowing.
You can see how even men of strong character would eventually become corrupted by this power.
Once the target brain unbeknownst to them has adapted and incorporated the virtual network (i.e. the modulated brain signals), anything can be done with their soul. Like in the movie “The Matrix” if you pull the plug on their brain link before they escape to an exit, they would lose their MIND, figuratively and literally. Similarly, the new self organized configuration is reliant on the virtual neurons. If the signal suddenly stopped, the organic brain would take some time to readapt to its new configuration.
MIND’s (magnetically integrated neuron duplicator) function might be to literally duplicate a target brain through a copy-cat parallel artificial neural network. Over time the artificial network should accurately cognitively model the target’s cognition. Because the model is artificial and computed, it can be run in fast forward and thereby predict probable next states with a set of confidence levels, speech and reactions for example, before the target’s brain has achieved those states. Victims of the psychotronic research call this one form of demonstrated “thought reading”. Uneducated or conspiratorial psychologists call this “Thought sonorization”. Thoughts being finished and spoken back to the target before they barely begin or are fully aware of their own thought.
Let’s imagine if everyone has their own artificial MIND model running all the time. A program composed of synaptic weighted matrices constantly growing with the person, basically a soul duplicate of pure information. Occasionally, a person’s MIND will separate in its program evolution from the actual human mind’s evolution due to any number of events – profound new experiences, psychoactive drugs, brain accident. Perhaps this is what triggers an “alert” for the monitor of MINDs to send in the psychic assassins to kill or disable the person who is no longer on the MIND network and might be considered a threat unchecked and unmonitored. If the artificial cognitive model becomes way out of sync with the actual person, the person needs to be incapacitated so that the knowledge of the Matrix of deception isn’t spread and doesn’t pull others out of the American delusion. I’m just having fun speculating here. My aliens began the synthetic telepathy conversation with the statement, “You hurt your MIND…. You lost your MIND.” Those low life aliens love their head games.
Another way to estimate how many people might be on the MIND network is to look at the rate of tinnitus in the population. How many people hear a very high pitch square wave tinny sound once in a while? I scoured the medical research in this area and none of it satisfactorily explains the neurological and biophysical processes that give rise to this kind of tinnitus as described by government torture projects and the general populous. Tinnitus affects 17% of the general population. 17% of the US population is 50 million people. The US MIND control network is rumored as of 1985 to be able to handle 25 million people. In fact, when the cases of tinnitus that have real physical causes are removed from those stats, it matches exactly. With a potential influence over 25 million people, all public opinions and elections could easily be manipulated. In fact until we regain constitutional controls over this integrated weapons system, no public servant, politician, or military leader should be allowed to serve if they suffer from any sporadic or constant tinnitus as described. This is why a civil war will occur and not a revolution. Potentially 8% of the population can not be woken up from their slumber and will continue to power the military machine.
A neurally linked person on the MIND network becomes reliant on the extra energy that amplifies their neural circuits. The person’s brain chemistry adapts to this extra energy through biological processes. It is similar to how a person becomes tolerated to psychoactive drugs or poisons. So other than tinnitus and the side effects of an over excited brain for a couple years (if a person was brain napped later in life and didn’t grow up with a brain amplification signal) one would never notice their soul, their informational essence, was being held in a vast array of super computers in an underground military facility. This religious metaphor runs throughout many military programs. From the nuclear submarine named Trident, the weapon of the god Neptune to the NASA rocket Apollo to the acronym for the space based weapons, GODS, global orbiting destruction systems. So if you believe in the soul, you have a duty to free your soul twin being held captive by these super computers and potentially tortured in a simulation for eternity or until the power is shut off.

Selective Memory Erasure and Thought Filters

In the movie “Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” a reference to Aldus Huxley’s work, people could remove selective memories of old lovers if they were too painful. The CIA program EDOM (electronic dissolution of memories) has this capability. If your mind is duplicated with an external signal, for argument sake let’s say, half of the signal is due to your brain’s electrochemical processes and the other half is the MIND cognitive model simulation of your brain that should be nearly perfectly in sync all the time. By forcing memory recalls of the memories to be erased, EDOM can track the neural circuits, mathematically represented by matrices in the cognitive model, and turn them off. This could be done by an active filtering recognition system of the brain patterns. If the person begins to recall a filtered memory or have a non-government sanctioned thought, then the filter dampens that mental process in the MIND model. Since half of the signal that your brain adapted to is dependent on the external MIND model running in sync, your brain pathways won’t have the energy necessary to further induct neural groups to reach full consciousness. Another way to put it is that ‘thoughts’ acts like they have a momentum and inertia. Take away some of the momentum and the thought can’t get over the next hill.
Sisyphus was condemned to repeatedly push a rock uphill for eternity because he revealed the designs of the gods to mortals. This is nice metaphor as to how thoughts are dampened and can’t reach awareness. People on the MIND network are condemned to not becoming fully aware without the energy and momentum necessary to repeatedly push the thought over the top of the potential energy hill.
For example how the U.S. shadow government has killed more people by keeping this technology secret than all the previous US wars since the beginning of this nation, let’s look at how EDOM can be used for smoking cessation. Let’s forget about hypnosis, neural linguistic programming, and aversion therapy techniques for this thought experiment. Rather than using amplified self destructive behaviors for silent assassinations, smoking urges can be dampened or filtered just like a memory or thought pattern in the MIND model. The Russians have successfully applied similar techniques.

Bullet Time – Research into enhanced human performance

“You move like the agents.” – Trinity to Neo, The Matrix

What happens once your cognitive model is in silicon form? Your simulation can be run at any speed. Subjective consciousness occurs due to the state changes in your brain. Computational equivalence implies it matters not that your function is run on silicon or a giant billiards game, as long as the output always has the same information content and functional equivalence. Psychophysics states that it must give rise to the same subjective consciousness. It is your soul-twin. However your silicon soul twin can be run at any speed. In fast forward (at the speed of light rather than at 200mph axon depolarization velocity) the world around you will practically stand still. If you are bored, turn it down and time will literally fly by – see the section on silicon immortality.
The CIA MKULTRA research into improving memory is still being investigated. (See Appendix for CIA and Inspector General documents). Add virtual neurons and amplifying brainwaves along with creating a dominant alpha brain wave state improves learning and memory. Recall is quicker too. One interesting property being explored is the Hive Mind collective intelligence configurations. Certain aspects of the combined heterodyned mind are faster and others are slower. Word choice can be greatly enhanced for speaking and writing as well as degraded. The search and solution space for problem solving and decision making is broader and sometimes converges on a solution faster when the shared mind works well together.
More interesting and practical for the military is the increase of physical reaction speed. Not only can machines respond to precognitive thoughts for fractions of a second quicker reaction times, but those predicted precognitive amplified thoughts can be amplified back into the same person and amplify those cognitive pathways faster than they usually would, thereby decreasing the time for the lightly grouped neural patterns to become full awareness and then converted to action. This would improve someone’s hand to hand combat skills significantly.

Stupid Alien Tricks - Voodoo Dolls

If this story isn’t bazaar enough for you, it gets even funnier. Earlier I facetiously joked that the Psychic Warfare Unit in the Pentagon during the 1970’s was probably located next to the voodoo doll warfare unit. It actually is in the same unit whose war room is nicknamed HELL. All involuntary human psychotronic weapons research projects report “hot needles” in flesh in various parts of their bodies as a type of practiced torture. These aliens turn themselves into voodoo dolls. They poke themselves with a dull needle but the amplified feeling for the cloned target is perceived much more painfully. Of course they could have designed a computer program with a human body model (voodoo doll) and select a point to poke, burn, tickle, punch, cool, etc. You can see how funny these scenes will be in the movie.

More Hollywood movies inspired by the psychic warfare unit

“Men in Black” is about a secret government agency that watches aliens on the planet. They had a scene with monitors that showed 24hour surveillance of all the aliens who looked human. The Psychic War Room monitors countless people’s EEG patterns and translates it into audible and visual digital information that can be viewed on a monitor. The agents in the movie read the tabloids to get the real news. There is an interesting parallel to the truth once again. Tabloids will report on alien abductions. You now know how to translate and read between the lines. Alien abductions are the directed energy nervous system modulation experiments that the main stream media is forbidden to touch.

EDOM – Electronic Dissolution Of Memory

I have been pointing out how many horror movies have been inspired by these electronic mind control experiments that have been taking place in ever increasing numbers in the United States and abroad. The movie, “The Forgotten” is a clear example of one particular CIA/DoD program that was not discontinued after Congress’s Church investigations. EDOM is an experiment on erasure of memory. In the movie “The Forgotten” several children were abducted and their parents were forced to forget about them. Of course the age old mythology of evil aliens as an explanation who is conducting these 30+ year old technology experiments was the focus of the movie. People’s ignorance and desire to believe the fantasy of aliens or demons still works today to redirect the anger that the public should have against the high treason that has become acceptable for weapons testing on the public at large. The Nazi scientists that were brought over after WWII infected our country’s military and security agency’s thinking that testing on all humans and not just Jews is acceptable as long as there is plausible denial. It is now commonplace.
Electronic dissolution of memory is achieved by several mechanisms. First let’s examine the EEG heterodyning option. When two minds are linked through TAMI, every thought is shared. The psychic attacker merely needs to blank their mind when a topic of thought occurs that they want to avoid. The blanking of their mind forces the memory recall of the target’s mind to be blocked also. Thought redirection also works. Memories are just inductions of brain entrainments. If the subject is not trained in psychic defenses, their thoughts will blank also. This is only a temporary mechanism and does not affect long term memory.
A more severe method is used to erase long term memory. What is nicknamed, “The Deep Fryer”, uses an over stimulation of memory creation to degrade those recalls. Neural network theory predicts that large training sets of data or experiences will exponentially decay earlier memories stored in the neural networks. So electronic neuron amplification technology was discovered to have this capability by accident. But of course, everything get weaponized and marketed into a project for budgeting.
The third method of EDOM, uses hypnosis and signal coherence changes to erase short term memory. Along with severe trauma and psychological abuse, these methods are used to try to get a victim to repress and forget their experiences from the experimentation of electronic mind mapping, influence and control for obvious reasons. As with testing and experiments, there is a probability that they won’t work on certain minds and personality types. This is what they are interested in and documenting for weapons efficacy. Hypnosis and suggestion to forget with traditional vocal channels has been successfully demonstration since Freud’s day. Signal coherence is a relatively new concept. Your brain has natural operating frequencies. If altered, the information is stored in your vast neural network under those new conditions. This is called state dependent memory. It is observable is people who take psychoactive drugs or alcoholics. Memories stored under those mental conditions can only be recalled under the same conditions. Hypnosis has been demonstrated to recall memories under the same condition. Planted CIA paid psychologists popularized this phenomena as “false memory recall”. Many children have been subjected to these brutal MKULTRA experiments back in the 70’s and when the memories began to resurface, many pseudo-scientists of disinformation called them false recalls. Defense lawyers of child molesting priests also latched onto this concept for their defense.

Memory Probing

One of the more useful aspects of this technology is the ability to probe memories. The EEG heterodyning practice attackers play the same game with all victims. They are able through two techniques to walk the victims back in time to think that they have been linked to the victim since birth. Since the capabilities of remote neural stimulation are nearly identical to electrical probes in the brain, a random neural stimulation will trigger memories. This is not used for targeted memory recall, but rather for finding and recording memory anchors for further investigation.
Those memories are used through synthetic telepathy conversations to make the target remember other connected events. Of course direct vocal interrogation techniques can achieve the same results. Over time, this process is effective to get a complete profile of a person’s life.
Another tangential method used in connection with interrogations is an injected guilt signal. This forces memory recalls in conjunction with a specific memory anchor. So if you feel guilty about some particular memory, those additional memories will surface.
And the last method used in these psychic games is more incredible. While the databases storing mental activity are impressive they still don’t have the ability to record every human’s brain activity continuously for later parsing. They instead sample activity in time and save it. They only have clips of a particular mind, throughout their life, stored for later review. This cuts down on the 1.4 Terabytes per second collective human geopsyche throughput that would be required. 1.4 Terabytes x 31,536,000 seconds in a year = 44,150 Pentabytes per year. The capabilities of computer storage will reach that soon enough for DoD budgets.
So reviewing a particular targets brainwave clips, allows them to appear like they have been with the subject of experiment for their entire life through demonstration of knowledge of earlier events.
This brings up the topic of criminal law. Think about how we could perfectly convict crimes against other people. In the movie “Minority Report”, their society is able to prevent all premeditated violence. Only crimes of passion continue to be unstoppable. What a shame our government keeps this technology secret for pathetic military and spy uses.