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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Theories of Firewalls for the Human Mind

This information is some of the most important I have ever posted.

This technology can be used and is used on anybody without their knowledge; Police, Special Agents, Teachers, Congress, Presidents, Judges, Attorneys, Ambassadors, Soldiers, Scientists, Researchers, Inventors, Politicians, Entertainers, Reporters, Children, and Activists.

ANYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Hermes with Me and Four Wind It.

In a famous article called The Mind Has No Firewall, it was first pointed out to the civilian sector how neurological weapons could be the next great scourge on the security and freedom of humanity. The entire Earth is bathed in RADAR and other communication signals. If there existed even a single way to alter nerve cell function with electric and magnetic fields, every life form that has a nervous system could be affected.

While disruption of the human nervous system is the most obvious military application, it is a much more interesting problem to control every human or animal body electrical function specifically and precisely. This has been the research problem for over 50 years and 30 different DoD/CIA programs. Brutal physical methods of brainwashing have been well described in MKUltra documents and described by subjects that survived the methods to expose the details of trauma based conditioning. The question is, “How can these same methods be used at a distance to create a remote controlled human or to kill them?”

TSS chemical division and the office of science and technology have pursued various designer drugs to find a way to enhance the susceptibility of nerve cells to entrainment and others to increase the subjects’ susceptibility to hypnosis for purposes of programming, behavior modification, interrogation, information compartmentalization, personality splitting to pass polygraphs, and so forth.

There have been numerous biomechanical actuators discovered to alter nerve cell functions at a distance: low intensity magnetic fields, electric fields, ultra-sonic pressure waves, microwaves, high frequency pulsed ELF radio waves, cyclotronic ion heating, and many others which can act on different bio-molecular, neurological functions.

The best kept secret from the general public by the DoD is that body electrical activity can be sensed at a very large distance using active ultrawide band sensing and tracking techniques with large distributed arrays. In order to perform the most interesting mind altering experiments, these capabilities needed to be developed to take the research out of the lab.

There are several important factors that determine the effectiveness of these weapons on a particular life form with a nervous system. The natural biological factors and the more complicated designer drugs, nano-tech, and gene alteration research.

The firewall problem is a far more difficult one than is imagined at first blush. Even relatively low intensity RADAR pulses at 450 Mhz can penetrate the Earth deeply. Trying to block low intensity, full spectrum, omni-directional radar is nearly impossible except for special, very expensive materials and signal/noise cancellation setups.

The human brain will “learn” new correlated signals. The signals only need to modulate a small amount of neurotransmitter or alter firing thresholds. This is usually done through adding a small amount of energy to the charged ions on the walls of the nerve cells but again there are a number of methods.

To improve the external signal strength, inter-synaptic signaling can be reduced by selective temporary or permanent damage to membrane organelles. Lowering the amount of neurotransmitter released by the pre-synaptic membranes while slowing the catalytic or reuptake processes of the post synaptic membrane helps sensitize the nerves to the external energy.

Just adding noise to the brain doesn’t provide a severe enough disabling affect and therefore does not make for a very good weapon. The brain is very good at filtering noise. The subjects would notice slight misperceptions like wiggling edges or hear static or tinnitus. Some psychological studies have even claimed that adding some noise to brains can have some beneficial cognitive effects. Therefore, it is important to overpower the brains natural rhythms and distract it through maximal correlation events. This is both a process of teaching the target brain to learn the external signals as well as the cognitive model learning the pathways and response of the target brain.

During sleep the senses and motor functions are shut down. This is basically a sensory deprivation state. Dreaming is caused by spontaneous firing neurons. By forcing the brain to follow specific hypnotic patterns call entrainments, a sort of walking day dream zombie state can be achieved. The entrainments or regular fundamentals of spontaneous firing pathways are necessary to correlate and align the cognitive models with the target in order to perform the more complicated and precise manipulation.

This process can also be thought of as tuning in or creating resonant circuit pathways.

The auto alignment and mapping process is very complex and beyond the scope of this section.

In one of the most basic modes of disablement, the brain states are recorded and repetitively played back into the target brain until the target brain changes state and mimics that pattern, then the next sequence is played. The sequences are overlapped to encourage the “walking of the brain states to the desired outcome”. Obviously this is tricky, and unintentional dysfunction occurs by over exciting the brain and triggering other neural circuits. This previous description forms the foundation concepts of EEG cloning technology, also called mind melding and mind control. There are many variations of these configurations and technologies and they no longer require another human to perform most of the tasks of mapping, continuous neurological disablement, or forced emotional and word choice control. There are hundreds of other applications including brain imprinting and patterning (behavior modification) using these same methods and systems. Disabling clear thinking and inducing errors of thought is the easy task. The research has progressed to full precise control of the human mind.

Why is a firewall for the mind difficult to build?

Once a cognitive model has been created, even if the continuous signal is temporarily disrupted, the model and target brain will readapt whenever the signal is reinitiated. This is because a person’s cognitive states are limited, defined, and classifiable. The hardwired architecture of the brain acts like a complex encryption that once hacked can be deciphered from that point on.

Targeting of individual life forms uses several types of signatures and lock and key techniques. All signatures would have to be altered to lose the tracking including “the spontaneous firing neurons” giving rise to brain prints and the information architecture. The spontaneous firing neurons can be thought of as the clocking mechanism like in a computer CPU.

The resonant circuits and sequences could be scrambled in a low intensity attack. One can think of the brain resonances like a cell phone. Neurons are non linear junctions, so in a cascade of neural circuitry the signals are very bio amplified. There is a sudden cut out point where the external energy signal will not greatly affect anything.

However, there are inadequate trade offs for every defensive strategy with neurological weapons. First of all the brain imprinting and reprogramming takes it toll over time. So like getting too much sun will increase the risk of skin cancer, the probability increases for a kill with prolonged exposure to the directed energy signal.

The weapon is also stealthy where in many cases the targets don’t even know that they are being affected. The knowledge of neurological weapons used on a large scale is mostly unknown in the general public. Only in the most intense form is it detectable and noticed by the subject. This feature is called “Dialed in lethality”.

Noise generators and scramblers for either the human target (receiver) or the RADAR sensors have different tradeoffs. The sensors are distributed and the exact waveforms need to be directed to each sensor to cloak the target, but the sensors are distributed around the Earth. This is an impractical defense except for a large country. Jamming the signals going into the brain has worked but can increase the target’s brain to the point of severe ADD (attention deficit disorder).

There are other theories for developing a firewall for the mind using a technique called cognitive containment and patterning. This uses a technology exactly like the weapon system to learn the patterns of the target mind including speech patterns and forces these “normalized” entrainments into the target mind in a near field induction. There are many problems with this theory including decreased creativity and in the extreme leads to obsessive/compulsive disorder making the species or person less adaptable and hindering learning and development. Almost every defensive method conceived leads to a different type of dysfunction and is not sustainable long term.

In the civilian sector there are simplistic methods of magnetic induction being investigated at Yale University and other places under the guise of curing ill-defined psychological ailments. But none-the-less they have been able to demonstrate the theory that desynchronizing the externally induced entrainments can temporarily repattern the brain and disrupt the weapons entrainments. With more precise modeling and feedback methods, this technique holds promise.

Psychological mechanisms can diminish the effectiveness of the brain entrainments. The weapons effects work best in isolation and sensory deprivation according to the CIA research. So, sensory overloading and stimulation will distract the mind from focusing on the brain imprinting. Feedback and checks and balances with other people and information sources also disrupts the programming by creating relevance and a feedback loop into society and current culture. Of course this method is limited and only affects the higher level cognitive functions and can not stop pain induction pathways used for pain/pleasure behavior modification methods facilitated by neurological weapons.

Neurological EM weaponry is used on the individual and entire populations. The individual can be manipulated or killed in a slow, worse-than-lethal method. Populations can have their mood changed and sub-conscious programming done but only with statistical successes. In addition it can be used in a slow war of mental ability attrition, dumbing down and slowing progress of people in a particular geography or even industry by selection.

Ironically, for these information, neurological weapons, truth is the best defense. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”(Motto outside of the CIA building at Langley). If the public and media discussed these weapons openly, the effectiveness of these weapons would drop a hundred fold. The weapons tactics and directives are rooted in deception and information poisoning into societies and individual minds.

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Destroying Public Education in America

Diogenes called education "the foundation of every state." Education reformer and "father of American education" Horace Mann went even further. He said: "The common school (meaning public ones) is the greatest discovery ever made by man." He called it the "great equalizer" that was "common" to all, and as Massachusetts Secretary of Education founded the first board of education and teacher training college in the state where the first (1635) public school was established. Throughout the country today, privatization schemes target them and threaten to end a 373 year tradition.

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UN Human Rights Official Wants Investigation Into US Government Role In 9/11

John Bolton: "This is exactly why we voted against the new human rights council."

An official in the newly formed UN Human Rights Council has called for a fresh investigation into the events of 9/11 in order to examine the possible role that neoconservatives may have played in the attacks.

The New York Sun picked up the story today, explaining that Richard Falk, a professor of international law emeritus at Princeton University, and an expert on human rights was assigned to a new position within the council on March 26.

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"The sovereign, after taking individuals one by one in his powerful hands and kneading them to his liking, reaches out to embrace society as a whole. Over it he spreads a fine mesh of uniform, minute, and complex rules, through which not even the most original minds and most vigorous souls can poke their heads above the crowd. He does not break men's wills but softens, bends, and guides them. He seldom forces anyone to act but consistently opposes action. He does not destroy things but prevents them from coming into being. Rather than tyrannize, he inhibits, represses, saps, stifles, and stultifies, and in the end he reduces each nation to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious animals, with the government as its shepherd."

~~~Alexis de Tocqueville

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Designing Gods

Directed Evolution and Intelligent Design

Eugenics or directed evolution also works at many levels and at different timescales. Technology is one of the fastest timescales which can be directed through push and pull methods. The Department of Defense funds what technologies will be advanced rapidly but the other agency, which we don’t talk about, destroys the advancements in the civilian sectors which they deem too sensitive in order to hinder progress. Culture is the next largest timescale of directed evolution. This has been of interest since WWII and the ‘Red Threat’. It is called cultural warfare and uses many sophisticated tools from psychology and information theory. Genetics is traditionally thought of when discussing evolution and has the longest timescale depending on the species. It has the most controversy in terms of human experimentation, gene splicing, cloning, and eugenics programs. These are the three major different kinds of directed evolution operating at different time scales. For the na├»ve observer, they would not see any of these intentional pressures put on the systems and chalk it up to natural capitalistic market pressures, natural selection processes, or Gods’ divine design.

Another kind of development which can be viewed as directed evolution is a human being’s psychology and physiology. This field of study is called behavior modification. The typical perspective is that this is simply done using the pain/pleasure principle to change or modify the mind and values of an individual throughout their life. However, when viewed from the perspective of directed evolution it takes on some additional characteristics and useful tools to control the human animal.


The Matrix

Abuse based conditioning Brain Washing Steps

[A mix of techniques from Dr. Ewen Cameron and the CIA wizard of oz scripts]

Electro/Magnetic induced neuron noise, drugs (Confusion, paranoia)

Random physical (or virtual) and psychological torture for months to years (Depatterning)

Stalking, gas lighting, stressing through various means (Create Despair)

Visual images and induced dream sequences to try to place the subject in the first person understanding of the imagery. Also used to implant and replace memories. Rape sequences and desecration of their religious symbols are the most common. (Shame, degradation, and discrediting)

Mock fighting with family and friends voices repetitively played for weeks to months via tape recording or the more modern audio-cortex inductions and voice transformation technologies. (Isolation, anger, depression)

Using voices and images of the project’s target(s) of assassination. Confusing project with coincidences of target’s presence plus torture is the most common misdirection method. (Selecting a misdirection target for the subject) The deception works at an individual level and country level as well as an agency within the country level in all languages.

Walking the subject through the act of violence like an athlete does before an event during post REM dreaming states. (Brain imprinting)

Trigger the target to action. If any of the steps fail, the subject is to be disposed of by trickery, setup by local authorities, and an automated mind virus run for mental disablement for the remainder of their life so the personnel can move onto a new project.

Purposes include split personality (or induced disassociate disorder for spying, sex slaves for black mail of American politicians, programmed assassins, etc.)

God bless America and the Nazi’s for perfecting these techniques on innocent men, women, and children after many had served their country in war. (Betrayal is the most painful and final motivator for the programming). Who would have guessed pure evil was being covertly sponsored by the tax payers of the “land of the free and home of the brave” under the veil of the CIA and black ops military. Now hold your hand over your heart and pledge your allegiance to a Nazi sponsored crime mafia “that we never talk about in public”.