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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Designing Gods

Directed Evolution and Intelligent Design

Eugenics or directed evolution also works at many levels and at different timescales. Technology is one of the fastest timescales which can be directed through push and pull methods. The Department of Defense funds what technologies will be advanced rapidly but the other agency, which we don’t talk about, destroys the advancements in the civilian sectors which they deem too sensitive in order to hinder progress. Culture is the next largest timescale of directed evolution. This has been of interest since WWII and the ‘Red Threat’. It is called cultural warfare and uses many sophisticated tools from psychology and information theory. Genetics is traditionally thought of when discussing evolution and has the longest timescale depending on the species. It has the most controversy in terms of human experimentation, gene splicing, cloning, and eugenics programs. These are the three major different kinds of directed evolution operating at different time scales. For the na├»ve observer, they would not see any of these intentional pressures put on the systems and chalk it up to natural capitalistic market pressures, natural selection processes, or Gods’ divine design.

Another kind of development which can be viewed as directed evolution is a human being’s psychology and physiology. This field of study is called behavior modification. The typical perspective is that this is simply done using the pain/pleasure principle to change or modify the mind and values of an individual throughout their life. However, when viewed from the perspective of directed evolution it takes on some additional characteristics and useful tools to control the human animal.


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