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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Matrix

Abuse based conditioning Brain Washing Steps

[A mix of techniques from Dr. Ewen Cameron and the CIA wizard of oz scripts]

Electro/Magnetic induced neuron noise, drugs (Confusion, paranoia)

Random physical (or virtual) and psychological torture for months to years (Depatterning)

Stalking, gas lighting, stressing through various means (Create Despair)

Visual images and induced dream sequences to try to place the subject in the first person understanding of the imagery. Also used to implant and replace memories. Rape sequences and desecration of their religious symbols are the most common. (Shame, degradation, and discrediting)

Mock fighting with family and friends voices repetitively played for weeks to months via tape recording or the more modern audio-cortex inductions and voice transformation technologies. (Isolation, anger, depression)

Using voices and images of the project’s target(s) of assassination. Confusing project with coincidences of target’s presence plus torture is the most common misdirection method. (Selecting a misdirection target for the subject) The deception works at an individual level and country level as well as an agency within the country level in all languages.

Walking the subject through the act of violence like an athlete does before an event during post REM dreaming states. (Brain imprinting)

Trigger the target to action. If any of the steps fail, the subject is to be disposed of by trickery, setup by local authorities, and an automated mind virus run for mental disablement for the remainder of their life so the personnel can move onto a new project.

Purposes include split personality (or induced disassociate disorder for spying, sex slaves for black mail of American politicians, programmed assassins, etc.)

God bless America and the Nazi’s for perfecting these techniques on innocent men, women, and children after many had served their country in war. (Betrayal is the most painful and final motivator for the programming). Who would have guessed pure evil was being covertly sponsored by the tax payers of the “land of the free and home of the brave” under the veil of the CIA and black ops military. Now hold your hand over your heart and pledge your allegiance to a Nazi sponsored crime mafia “that we never talk about in public”.

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