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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 23, 2005


As I have stated before I want to use this blog to communicate my ideas and experiences to my family and friends and anybody else who might benefit from what I am going to write about. The impetus for this blog is an ongoing illegal surveillance operation being conducted by several federal agencies against me. I will explain later how this is happening and why I think it is happening. Right now I just want to outline my objectives for this blog. The first one is to get my side of the story out into the public where it currently is not . I have been subjected to what is called a smear and whisper campaign and haven't had the opportunity to say what I know, this is the way they set things up to gain support for their operations and isolate the victim. The second objective is to let people know what is currently going on right now and the types of crimes currently being committed against me by these agencies. The third is to help people think for themselves about some of what is going on in the world concerning these agencies and their activites. To do this I will be providing articles to read, links to relevant web sites, specific google searches, important books, and my analysis/opinion of what's going on and it's implications. I do not expect anyone to take just my word but to also conduct some research of their own (if they have the time and the concern) and to come to their own conclusions based on the information. The fourth objective is help spread the word to other victims so that they may find a way to protect themselves better from these criminals, one of the best ways is through public exposure. I will be listing some techniques that have helped me and encourage others to share what they know. My fifth and final objective is to attempt to get this information to the highest levels of government in the hopes that there can be fundamental changes in the structure and operations of these agencies. As you will soon see they are not the benevolent crime fighters catching terrorists that some people think they are.

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