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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I want to preface the blog with a few ideas. When I think about why I am writing this I find my self returning to the idea of seeing a crime. If I were to go out one day and while walking along I spotted a woman being raped. I am immediately faced with a few choices and decisions. I could run up and help the woman, I could run and call the police, or I could act like I never saw a thing. Well I apply this scenario to the current situation that is happening with me and to countless others. We each must make our own decision, I am going to run up and help the woman. Another idea I want to express is the idea of denial because I was a victim of it at once. When I first discovered this information I couldn't believe it, after all I had just left the military and I couldn't believe certain facets of the government would allow this to happen. To be truthful, if it had not happened to me I might still be sceptical and in denial. After doing a lot of research and investigating I finally pulled myself out of denial like a recovering alcholic and have made some frightening conclusions. Everyone who reads this blog will react in a different way. Some will never believe a word of it. I could show them 18000 declassified CIA documents on MKULTRA and they still wouldn't believe me. Others may be doubtful but conduct some research to get to the truth. Others will operate out of fear and think as long as they don't know anything then they will be safe and secure. We each have to make our own decisions in this life based on where we are in life. For the sake of the human future (at least one worth living in) I hope each one of you considers this information carefully and realizes the consequences of these activities if left to continue.

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