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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Awareness Training Series Part 5

Hey folks I have finally returned with some more awareness training. I have volumes of information that I want to share that I have gathered over the last 3 years and some hindsight insight that I have gained in the last 15 years. College is taking up a lot of my time so I only get about an hour max each day to write on the blog. Some of the upcoming posts I want to write about are the Iraq War, The spoils of 911, The purpose of surveillance, FBI/CIA/NSA/DEA tactics and techniques, FEMA’s next move, The future of America, OIL, Economic collapse, Upcoming tricks by the BUSH administration to regain America’s approval, Congress and accountability, and lots more.

Today I want to focus on how conventional surveillance techniques can be combined with thought control technologies. I was recently reading an article titled The FBI’s Secret Scrutiny which can be found at the website posted at the bottom of this article. In the article I learned a few new terms for me and they are Contact Chaining, Link Analysis, and Data Mining. If you want detailed information on what these terms mean read the article or Google the words. My first thought was about contact chaining, I had never heard that term before but knew there was a tactic that exemplified it. The whole purpose of surveillance is to watch, to see what is going on, not to interfere with any part of what they are watching and to figure out how everything is done by everyone involved in the particular activity being conducted. To use an example lets say you were and activist or part of a grass roots group that was fighting some issue, they would watch who you were in contact with, who you called or emailed, who was in charge, where everybody lived, where the money and materials came from for the campaign, how they were acquired, basically anything you can imagine. From this information they could figure out how to sabotage your efforts in everyway so that the campaign was a failure or had little results with no one the wiser. The ways of sabotage are too many to discuss here and will be covered in another post. Finally after all of this they would file this information away and send it to the school house for others to learn.

Taking this tactic and applying it to thought control technologies I thought about my situation. In there effort to isolate me and sabotage all my efforts (without getting caught) they have to interfere with my relationships, with all of my friends/family members/students/co-workers/employers/neighbors/teachers/ and anybody now interested in my situation. Especially since my situation is not a secret anymore and nobody believes the paranoid green beret story anymore except of course the idiots still being USED (yes I said USED) by these criminal cowards. Let me demonstrate what I mean in a scenario. {I have been targeted for whatever reason and now because I know a lot of what is going on and what is being done to me and others in this country they have to know where my body is all the time and who I get in contact with. Knowing where my body is at all times is not hard and takes nothing more that a satellite and a computer. What is more interesting is what they must do to know who I contact, what I say, what they say, what I think, and what they think. Remember the goals are to isolate and discredit me and to do this they would have to know what I just mentioned. Well one way to do this is by monitoring everybody I meet. By listening to what we talked about in a conversation, by what I was thinking during the conversation, what the other person was thinking during the conversation, what the person said about me after the meeting or what they thought about later. With this information they could think of ways to adversely influence these people and continue to sabotage everything I do. Some of the methods are just monitoring the auditory information or interpreting the thoughts of the people involved. Either way nobody is aware of anything being done. If they wanted to go further they could use the neurophone and other technologies to affect these people without their consent or knowledge. So that when I came around or brought a certain topic or subject up the other person would feel anxious or angry, thereby sabotaging any efforts of communication. If any of the people I meet are of importance they could use the link analysis and data mining strategies I have mentioned earlier in this context. My goal is to get people to think about these things so that eventually everybody in this country and ultimately the world knows what exists and what is being done behind the curtain of crime.

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P.S. I got a lot of shocks for writing this article so hopefully it is of benefit to somebody.

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