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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 18, 2005

Patriot Act

The review of the Patriot Act is coming up for revision and I just wanted to make a comment before it does. The Patriot Act is illegal and violates the Constitution of the United states. The Patriot Act was conceived of a long time before 911 or the Iraq war. The patriot Act wasn't even completely printed when it was signed into law by congress who at the time had the horrors of 911 on their minds. It is now coming to light that 911 was orchestrated by certain people in this administratioin and that regime change in Iraq was planned along time ago(read Crossing The Rubicon, By Michael Ruppert). We also are now uncovering the truth about the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. The Patriot Act has done nothing to catch terrorists in this country THAT wasn't already possible before. The Patriot Act is just a dream come true for the agencies who get to use and enjoy it. It makes the COINTELPRO tactics of old now legal. For those who have a hard time believing this please read the information at the bottom of this post at the website provided. It is what's called the Patriot Act II. I want you all to ask yourselves when was this written, by who, and what for. It has absolutely nothing to do with catching terrorists. The techniques of COINTELPRO didn't stop in the 60's they went underground. The surveillance operations and dirty tricks are still used today with the only difference being, what they were doing was illegal and not admissable in court and now it is. I will be a witness because I am already a victim of the Patriot Act used by the DEA and FBI in my situation. This act allowed them to enter my home whenever they wanted, photograph all my propery, plant listening devices, vandalize some of my furniture and many other things. As of this writing I have still yet to receive a warrant or anything else concerning this. In fact not only have I not received any notification but I have also become part of a smear and whisper campaign by these criminals in the area where I live. This helps them gain support from the public and the community in question. If the only thing people hear is what these shitbags tell them then they can get away with their crimes. That's why I am writing the blog which they don't want anybody to read because it will expose their lies. More on this later.
Congress is going to vote on making certain provisions in the Patriot Act permanent soon, except this time they know more of the truth and have no reason to approve this atrocity to civil liberties. So I urge everyone to notify the congress person in their district/state and tell them that the Patriot Act is illegal. Also if they approve of it for whatever reason (career,money,party line,blackmail,coercion or threats) remember this the next time elections come around. We the People elect them and can unelect them if they are not representing us well. Make congress accountable, start recording all the decisions and votes each one makes and use this information the next time you vote. Find a way to find out the public record of where they stand. Below are websites for the draft of the Patriot Act II and a copy of the findings of the Church report.

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