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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rant in A Minor

Hey all I got the idea for the title of this post from a comedian called Bill Hicks, whom I highly recommend. Anyway this little post is a way for me to vent a little frustration I am feeling, especially after a night of EMF harrassment from the NSA/CIA. This post will describe how they illegally go about harrassing innocent Americans. Up to this point I have not been charged with anything or approached by any of these shitbags but I have had my house repeatedly entered and my furniture vandalized by these cowards (FBI/DEA). They are conducting a bogus investigation which has run its end and so now they have resorted to what they always have, which is the EMF harrassment methods that I have discussed at length in this blog. This little post will descibe a little bit of something I haven't spoke of much which is the Defamation Campaign or Smear and Whisper strategies.
Here we go: If you have read this blog up to this point you know a little bit about my situation so I will start at the point of a Shitbag Coward from Tennessee In the DEA. After his bogus investigation here in Eugene OR started to fall apart and after his attempt to have me shot by Swat Snipers failed he resorted to an old tactic which he knows well Defamatioin and Lies. Here is how he worked it. The shitbag found people in the community who would relate to whatever particular lie he wanted to tell that would hit their buttons. Example: First off to everyone he would run his cake hole that I was a Meth head or dealer, to the christians he would run his cake hole that I was an atheist or satanic, to loggers his cake hole said I was an environmentalist, to everyone his cake hole would ring out pedophile, to athletes his cake hole sang I was a hippie, when it was discovered that I was in the army which he didn't tell anybody about, his cake hole spouted I was a terrorists. Each person got a different lie depending on what they believed so that nobody was left untouched. When asked for proof of all this later there was none, only his fucking shitbag coward cake hole fucking running. Now he's back in Tennessee fucking with some other soldier. Since the investigation is bogus there are no charges and no authority. Everybody is still waiting for the proof. There is none so they called up some other shitbags who fall under different laws who are not law enforcement at all. These so called intelligence agencies are now continuing to fuck with me in a way that is highly illegal but can't be detected or even talked about because of so called National Shitcurity reasons. To ensure that my story never got out and that their lies were never uncovered they ensured that nobody ever spoke to me about this or if the subject did come up to act like you didn't know anything. This was accomplished through coercion and gag orders as well. As of today their are still shitbag cowards going behind my back everyday at school and elsewhere telling lies and putting people up to stupid fucking antics. We have people running this EMF harrassment with their sattelites and computers relaying information they get from me to people on the ground here. There greatest hope was that I would move back east where this has gone on for over ten years. Well I got news for those reading this who are a part of this bullshit I ain't going nowhere (how's my fucking english). Also Mr. Titan if you want to meet at Oakmont Way Fitness Center again just let me know. In conclusion I want to offer a few websites for those out there who aren't aware about these little activities these so called agencies engage in.

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