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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Electric Harassment and Gang Stalking

There is abundant evidence in the public domain that non-lethal weapons research is ongoing and funded annually in the tens of millions of dollars, or more. Given the fact that chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and radiation have been tested on unwitting civilian populations, it is possible that non-lethal weapons have also been tested on unwitting citizens... To date, organized and academic medicine have acted as if non-lethal weapons do not exist."

- Dr. Colin A. Ross, p. 106 of
Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists

The website is here:

This book is an INCREDIBLE resource for victims of citizen gang or vigilante or group stalking and harassment. The author accomplished what multiple stalking victims only DREAM about - he penetrated street level perpetrator groups. Although this book does not indicate David Lawson is aware of the full spectrum of advanced electronics some of these groups have and use, this book is likely to be very helpful for victims who are forced to deal with skeptical family, friends, co-workers, and local authorities. It is definitely a breakthrough in the cause of exposing and stopping these citizen gangs who operate freely, while law enforcement only gives their lowest ranking street level members a slap on the wrist now and then (while they deny such crimes happen to victims who complain.)

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