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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Surveillance Issues Revisited

If there is only one or two websites you visit out of all the websites I have listed on this blog, this is one. I don't even have to make a comment, the information put forth by Mr. Baird speaks for itself. My suggestion is to read this information in it's entirety and then decide for yourself if the information is plausible. The events taking place with the technologies involved in this website make the 9/11 MIHOP event look like a garden party. Why do you think the orchestrators of 9/11 are so confidant they won't get caught or don't care if they do. What are you gonna do about it. Check out this information, make hard copies of it all and pass it on to everyone you know. Below is a small excerpt of some of the material.


Pretend you've never used electricity or watched a plane in the sky. Forget all the modern inventions you take for granted. Now, if you were told about them by honest people with knowledge/experience would you believe it? Many technologies have military applications that their inventor didn't envisage. These can have secrecy orders placed on them and then only military bodies/contractors can work on developing and advancing them. Once developed these inventions can be tested and misused under a "National Security" screen of silence. Defence contractors, criminals, agency oppressors…all of these have access but not honest law enforcers or the general public.

For example, DARPA (The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has a program called LIFELOG which records TV viewing, photographs taken etc over a lifetime. Another is ECHELON, the NSA system that monitors all telecommunications worldwide. With Echelon advanced computers highlight communications "of interest" for human operatives. Those involved can then be placed on 24/7 audio-visual satellite surveillance as "people of interest". They can be MP's, personalities, activists, law enforcers, terrorists etc. On top of that the neurophone and brainwave scanning technologies facilitate the torture and mental rape of chosen targets.

Again, to reiterate (for those unfamiliar with what this means) U.S satellites can track/monitor anyone using tags, infrared, brainwaves etc etc. E.g. For brain/thought monitoring the evoked potential emitted by the brain is scanned then decoded/interpreted by U.S/GB/Israeli supercomputers with a brainwave vocabulary. Also neurophones relay noise/voices via microwave/laser delivery systems. The signal travels the nervous system to the brain (bypassing the ears). The two together provide a means of remote torture/interrogation/deceit.

Here is the website:

Especially check out The Ultimate Blasphemy article under the surveillance results icon at the top of the page and then scroll all the way down the page.

May GOD help us all.

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