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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ron Paul Says Elements of Government May Stage False Flag as Pretext to Attack Iran

Though it is clear Ron Paul was undermining the fallacy the American people have been sold in the shape of the "war on terror", Paul was also repeating an assertion he has made many times before that the agenda of those in the White House now is a systematic continuation of aggression abroad as well as an exploitation of its fallout in order to push for total authoritarian global control.

Wolfowitz was acknowledging the fact that American forces in the middle east were fomenting Islamic tensions and fostering extremism.

Michael Scheuer, the former head of the Bin Laden unit at the CIA, backed up Ron Paul and asserted that it is absurd to believe that the "war on terror" has anything to do with a preservation of freedom or the way of life of the American people.

He stated that it is solely fueled by a consistent aggressive American foreign policy in the middle east and points out that there is no Presidential candidate other than Ron Paul who has even addressed the issue.

He then outlined six primers that he believes have led the US and the world into the precarious position it now faces:

The ability to control the price of oil
Unqualified support for Israel
Presence on the Arabian Peninsula
Military presence in Muslim countries
Support for governments that are viewed across the world as oppressing Muslims - Russia in Chechnya, india in Kashmir
Fifty year plus support of Arab police states and Tyrannies
It is clear however that the Bush Administration and the Pentagon know exactly what the reaction and fallout will be to and from their actions and is all too willing to use this to its own advantage to further its foreign agenda, rather than wasting their time analysing where it has come from.

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