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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ZEITGEIST (The Spirit of the Times)

First and Foremost this is an answer to the stupid Hit Piece by the History Channel on 9/11. [It's funny, two months ago I gave a friend in Special Forces a video on 9/11 and he dismissed it vehemently and said that if I wanted to see a real movie on 9/11 I should watch a certain film on the History Channel. Now a few months later here we have one, (coincidence)?

Secondly I want to quote, as a preface to this blog post, an author that I am reading now called Robert Harris Brevig who wrote a book called Beyond Our Consent (which I encourage everyone to read.) The quote is as follows " This work is here for your examination and consideration, not your persuasion and conversion. I hope to incite a questioning disposition and to excite curiosity in the mind of the reader. Rather than presuming that such disclosures are true, I suggest it would be more prudent for the reader to accept the invitation to examine the facts for themselves. In doing this, the reader will be able to determine whether or not our current circumstances are possibly the result of these lesser known, past circumstances and events, or if we are simply, haphazardly, plunging into hopeless chaos without any design or intent behind it."

Thirdly I want to say that the film promoted in this blog might not be convenient for those who believe in the judeo-christian-islamic religions. The first 30 minutes are spent explaing how these religions originated. If you feel that this might offend you or compromise your belief system then just fast forward to the 30 minute mark.

Fourthly I want to give thanks to the author of this incredible documentary and all the people in it who have inspired me throughout the years such as Alex Jones, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Michael Ruppert, Loose Change, David Ray Griffin, Jimi Hendrix, Isaac Azimov, W. G. Tarpley, and many many others. God Bless You All.

Fifthly I want the treasonous, lying, fat, out of shape, menopausal, self hating, pathetic, incompetent, greedy, misogynistic, racist, stupid, delusional, deceitful, angry, fearful, casualty, wannabe satanic, shit slug cowards who are subverting the principles of the United States and who are illegally surveilling, harassing and sabotaging my efforts through electronic harassment, defamation, and directed energy weapons to know that you will pay for your crimes physically, psychologically, and spiritually in this life and the next. Those in my corner I give nothing but LOVE (you know who you are.)

The movie you are about to see is amazing, an eye opener for everyone. Please spread it far and wide. I beg the producers to put this movie on DVD as soon as possible. We here in the infowar will make sure that the movie is paid for and that millions of people see it.

The Movie is at:

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