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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Electronic Poisoning

A publication by The Mind Hacking Strategy Group,
a consortium of x-CIA, x-DoD and other scientists from around the world

Electronic poisoning

Directed energy systems are being used as electronic poison at a distance. The United States CIA tortures and silently and slowly kills roughly 2000 US citizens a year and about 50 in every other country amounting to about 10,000 worldwide according to our studies of those that have actively spoken out in the last few years. These are the lowest estimates. Of course this is shocking to people who have never heard anything about this global weapon system, so it requires historical context and patterns of behavior to understand the culture of silent assassinations, silent genocide, and silent menticide programs.

The CIA has pursued poisons that are untraceable since their formation in 1947. Most people have the idea that this intelligence branch of government is like the noble, suave James Bond, who is trying to do good for the free world. Nothing could be further from the truth. The agency is filled with obedient killers that have little loyalty to countrymen and could care less about freedom. Just under a quarter of it is composed of half wits who need control through espionage, sabotage, and murder. Radio frequency neurological disruption has proven to be one of the best, untraceable poisons that have been developed.

The Nazis, it was determined in hindsight, lost WWII because of the visibility of the concentration and death camps which made the rest of the world panic at the horror of what they were doing. So after their infiltration into the US system, they continued the death and concentration camps but with a new precise weapon that would not leave huge body counts in one grave nor visible tissue injury. The targets are seemingly unconnected and will die quietly over time so there isn't a blood bath and sudden body count. If targets say anything they will be ignored and discredited by well mapped out and tested psychological methods known as the CIA's "bag of tricks". The majority will die from diseases that can easily be written off as 'natural causes'. This weapon system has become the perfect large scale genocide/menticide device hiding its devastating effects in slightly increased rates of other illnesses and common accidents.

It truly is a grotesque weapon and the shame of the United States or whoever controls the US. It poisons the information in the mind of the target and increases cancer rates, heart attacks, and other complications from the stress on the body and mind from the torturous depatterning methods developed by the disgraceful Dr. Ewen Cameron and others. The effects can be likened to accelerated aging with a probabilistic success at an early kill. So it has the power to direct evolution by silent extermination of selected masses, now marketed as "intelligent design" by the Neo-cons a.k.a. the Nazi sympathizers in the US. When these programs get rediscovered each generation, such as with the Frank Church Congressional hearings in the mid 1970's, the CIA calls them research projects and human experimentation to disarm the people that this isn't exactly what it was intended for implying that it will stop sometime in the near future.

The population selected is an enigma. It isn't genocide because they don't select just a sub race like Jews. This was never the intention of genocide programs but it was just a rough approximation at like minded thinkers. With brain printing and brain signature technologies, like minded thinkers can be selected such as those that would put up resistance to Nazi ideals and their next attempt at one world order and rule. So the official mass murder through electronic poisoning is called a menticide, which means killing of the mind. The other discovery in implementing a silent menticide program was ensuring that they kept the numbers under a percentage of the population in any country. If the numbers became too high, attention would be given to "curing" the illness. Keeping the general population uneducated was also found to ensure that the belief of a weapon system of this sophistication even existed and certainly not used in this diabolic fashion.

Mad Scientists

Art imitates reality. Since the early horror movies which portray the mad scientist throwing a switch and swapping consciousnesses with someone else or giving life to Frankenstein, the reality has progressed significantly whence those "fiction" movies were made. This weapon system is where the most black ops research is done. The capabilities are extensive and too numerous to list here.

The reasons are also many as to why the majority of most horrific, slow murders are committed by the dark portion of the CIA called by those in the agency, "The underbelly of the beast". But the research gets tracked back to Eastern Germanic countries and Nazi sympathizers that gained control just after WWII.

As a scientist, who would work for the US government if it were known how a good percent get silently killed after they quit or retire? So these diabolical methods of disposal were set up so that the general population would not get suspicious and there were no potential leaks or change of loyalties while still enticing a new generation of scientific talent. Since this method of killing was so successful at discrediting those that it kills, it has been expanded to include many other groups and even innocent men, women, and children as of yet for unknown reasons. The other shameful use is to continue slavery in a different form and a new kind of religious persecution. Mental slavery (also known as psychiatric slavery) is still a topic that is not covered in mass news outlets. In its current implementation it is worse than the African slavery of old due to the way pain is administered and the very soul being electronically altered and erased. Using the "voice of god" weapons capabilities, religious leaders and other strong belief systems are manipulated against their very doctrines.

The technology not only can be used to electronically poison specific people or whole populations, it has incredible potential to alter personalities and thinking. Brain patterns of Nazis that have long since died but whose brain patterns were recorded, have be induced into targets and the same sociopathic thinking patterns mimicked, our research has uncovered. This is called brain imprinting technology that even NASA has had some hand in developing. This is a question to be answered by philosophers whether this is a kind of consciousness transfer if only the personality patterns, often described as temperament, can be stored and replayed or imprinted into another mind. The rest of the brain has been mapped out and further refinement of cognitive models has progressed at an exponential rate including what is known as synthetic memory implanting or "false memory syndrome".

Some of the more devious current uses include creating programmed assassins and "psychopaths". These are used to manipulate the media and public with plausible deniability back to the CIA and executive offices. The mass homicides are meant to create fear so that the Americans will give up their right to bear arms and won't be able to fight off the tyrannical elements hiding in government if awareness of the menticide/genocide programs reach critical mass and people care enough about stopping them. The people will be powerless. It is also extensively used to instigate wars and ethnic group hatred. This capability keeps people from unifying and was thoroughly studied in the MKULTRA series of psychological and mind control experiments performed by the Nazi harbored war criminals brought over in CIA Project Paper Clip by the sympathizers posing as Americans.

For more current uses of the US operated global bio-amplified nervous system signal induction / holographic phased locked loop tracking and targeting with directed energy RADAR technologies**, read the books "The Matrix Deciphered", "Hacking the Human Mind", and "Designing Gods".

Other good books on the topic of brainwashing, mental slavery, and silent assassinations: Mind Control World Control, Engineering Human Consciousness, Psychic Dictatorship, Controlling the Human Mind, Angels don’t play this HAARP, Bluebird, The Mind Race, Secret Weapons.

** bio-amplification – using the neural code to amplify a desired brain signal in a target using a complex set of repetitive patterns called entrainments.

** nervous system signal induction – the biomechanical energy coupling mechanisms that eventually lead to modulation of neurotransmitter release and reception

** Holographic phased locked loop tracking and targeting – using multiple antennas to reconstruct a whole earth image based on the phase difference information (triangulation) for almost full spectrum. Features of interest can be locked onto like missile tracking using a phased locked loop which allows incredible precision based on the phase difference of the return scattered RADAR signals. For this application human ion concentration and their speed are the main features tracked through a Doppler shift in all directions known as “F-spread or frequency spread”.

** directed energy RADAR is just another name for beam forming and the points that the thousand of antenna EM pulses converge, viewed as “the hotspots”. It is the reverse process of holography. Used to direct precise energy and waveforms (ion cyclotron resonance) to multiple human targets anywhere in the world simultaneously.

Edited and Republished 2007

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