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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Deciphering the Matrix part 7

See part 1 for info on the book and its author.

The Promised Land

Land Ho! Quickly, take a gander through the looking glass of time and see what rewards are in store for humanities future whence we have defeated the witches, spooks, zombies, and devils. We can return to the Garden of Eden, the perfect world of our very own design. We take our rightful place as Gods of ourselves. Perhaps that’s what we were all the time.

"Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings".
– Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Act I, Scene II).

EEG Heterodyned learning efficiencies

We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Be it the current MKULTRA like human torture and experimentation by the DoD or politicians not heeding the warnings of the collapse of other civilizations’ past. This inability to pass on all of human knowledge to the next generation continues to plague our progress. It is the death toll of the human race, for machines never forget.
EEG cloning is the ultimate teaching tool. The learning process is greatly expedited both through shared understanding and mimicking the professor’s brain waves not just through speech but conceptual communication takes place too. In the shared visual cortex space, 3-D images and animations can instantly be shared and understood without the time consuming process of making slides and visual simulations.
In “The Matrix” this feature of EEG heterodyning was symbolized by the heroes being able to upload knowledge of operating a helicopter almost instantly.
But of course, the less noble route of this technology development is occurring. They are using this accelerated training to train brains into delusional thinking and psychotic symptoms. They have found that they can actually teach a brain directly how to misthink through brain entraining. This is useful to cause errors in judgment and perception in the enemy. (refer to the appendix for the Air Force description). This will also help with the cover-up, not only to discredit the individual victims testimony but once perfectly shielded from the electromagnetic influence, it may take some time for those mind to adjust back to their natural normal thinking patterns.
However, if the DoD would just release this technology to the world for all its potential, they too could get a lifetime of the best education in a mere fraction of what it took current scholars and they would see the world not as a conquest for power but as a life form to nourish.

“Tomorrow is another opportunity to turn it all around.” – Vanilla Sky
A Rare Example of a Smart Alien Trick

So one of the benefits we discovered of EEG cloning is the ability for multiple minds to convey complex concepts quickly to each. It is the ultimate teaching tool and could allow education to be absorbed in a tenth of its current time and effort.
But there is a dark side to it. That is if one doesn’t know they are part of a hive mind collective, they can be led down a path of scientific errors. Common errors of logic are being mapped so that the scientific discovery process can be stifled or delayed in the civilian world. Below is considered a complex model of our universe which unifies gravity with electromagnetic field theory. Grand Unified Theories have been around since 1920 and Einstein died while trying to solve this puzzle. I don’t know much about advanced physics, but it seems plausible to me. Here is what was conveyed to me via the mind meld and synthetic telepathy I imagine as an example of scientific espionage.
Gravity travels at the speed of light. Gravity weakens by the square of the distance like a point of light. It appears that gravity behaves very much like electromagnetic energy. Why? Gravity attracts based on the energy density. Force of attraction = GM1M2/r^2. Or substituting e=mc^2, where M1&2 is just a standing wave of energy. GE1E2/r^2c^4. This is not inconsistent with known observations. A black hole that only swallowed huge amounts of light, would still grow in mass and still bend light traveling nearby. It is energy density that bends space/time not just mass.
Field energy, or “Gravity waves” as they are nicknamed, are created by intersecting nearly perfectly aligns beams of energy 180 degrees out of phase with the same intensity. So one could conclude that gravity is just a special case of electromagnetic field theory where a positive field is canceling the negative field. The frequency of the fields would be irrelevant except for the amount of energy contained in it and hence the frequency of a gravity wave is simply based on the mass or energy density which generates it and hence its intensity. So with a light photon or quantum, E=lambda*constant. Equivalently, lamda = mass quantum/constant. So the immeasurable frequency of a graviton, quantum, is inferred from its mass of origin.
If this were true, you can create a localized time distortion with a really intense directed gravity, scalar field. Relativistic effects would apply to the localized field. You can create a tractor beam and even bend light if you can create an energy density greater than that of matter. Or create matter out of energy. This is where science future writers get their ideas like replicators, transporters, tractor beams, and time travel machines.
The intensity in order to do these thing is obviously too great for current technologies and energy sources unless fusion has come of age. Another field of science that seems to have lost the interest of the public. Plus, the slightest error in the cancellation of the two energy sources would fry the target.
The question is what is wrong with this grand unified theory?
The first question would be if there is no particle exchange, this would be like free energy being emitted by the standing mass wave. However you don’t need particle exchange to explain where the energy comes from. Just like we found that mass and energy are the same. We will find out that space/time and energy have their equivalence. The expansion of the space/time continuum requires energy and cools off the temperature of the universe. The expansion of space around energy is slower i.e. General Relativity. Time progresses more slowly and space contracts. It is this drag on the expansion of space/time that creates the gravitational wake of “free energy”. It isn’t free though. Energy is still conserved it is just converted from the momentum of space/time. This would allow us to calculate the momentum of space/time dilation, i.e. the tensor of energy per unit area/time stretch of the manifold. The graviton as a particle has never been found. Unifying General Relativity’s geometric interpretation of the universe and the standard model of particle physics has always posed a hurdle for physicists.
Now to consolidate quantum effects we need only apply the rules logically. Since it is known that mass is energy, and momentum of space/time is energy, and gravity is another field created from the drag on space/time momentum, then we should expect that gravity and space/time have quanta. This might be defined both by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Plank’s constant.
That’s all they conveyed to me. It makes you wonder if John Nash, noble prize winner, thought of his ideas before or after he was part of a hive mind and diagnosed with schizophrenia. This is a good example of the wireless “Global Brain” project and how the CIA plays Robin Hood with intellectual property.

So we now may know why they call it the Centralized Intelligence Agency. It might be more appropriately called the wireless “Global Brain” project, created in 1947. They constrict knowledge and decide when and who will disseminate information or disinformation of their choosing through traditional media streams. We also know why CIA agents are called “Spooks”. It is because their first scripts were all based on hauntings and possessions when testing the EEG heterodyning technology.

Another Stupid Alien Trick

“Boo! It’s Colonel Casper the ghost,” the main hive participant says as he taps himself on the shoulder which I feel and turn around. Laughter ensues.
Dreams and Harvesting the Wet Nets

Two years prior to my one year torture and menticization, I stopped dreaming or stopped remembering my dreams. It didn’t disturb me. It was merely a curious note.
I heard an analysis that only 15 years ago that all the world’s computers combined didn’t equal the computing power of one human brain. I do not know how the author derived it. But I surmise that it was based on the fact that the brain has 1 trillion synaptic connections and assuming a human used their full capacity that each synapse would equal one transistor. Well imagine if that were true, we could harness the down cycles of every human brain while people are sleeping. Like with the distributed grid computing frameworks such as SETI or Globus, the unused human computing power could be harnessed for unbelievably powerful distributed computations. Dividing a problem up for distributed computing might have the subjective experience of dreaming to an individual. Parts of the brain being used to calculate partial problems where the results would seem nonsensical and non-sequitorial in a conscious state.

Becoming Borg

Let’s look at the collective conscious of the human race. Communication amongst people can be thought of as signal transmission analogous to synaptic transmissions in the brain. Throughout the last century we have been speeding up the communication and growing connections through the telecommunication infrastructure from email to mobile phones. The Earth is becoming more aware and conscious. When you speed up information flow from one person to the other, the ideas become more integrated to the individual and the sense of self becomes blurred. Now continue this trend line into the future with brain to brain interfacing technologies. The communications are even faster and more efficient. The distinction of information flow and storage becomes more amorphous. The physical housing of the brain is still well defined and segmented but the “soul”, the information that “you” experience, becomes less and less tangible and distinguishable as to where the boundaries are. We will become the Borg. Now the question is will it be designed with a centralized intelligence or be like the internet, a free forming and evolving self organizing distributed intelligence? Elements in the government obvious prefer the former, which is clearly suboptimal according to evolution and optimization theory.
Mankind is Obsolete

The futurists all predicted that we would have our own robot slaves by now doing our work for us while we relaxed and could do anything we wished due to the prosperity. In a twist of fate, we humans turned out to be the robots with the machines enslaving us. As long as we don’t become too aware of the inconsistencies of the system and keep our minds on our little job, work hard for the machines in exchange for points, hopefully we can live our entire lives without being pulled out of the delusion. We are the land of the free and brave, with people afraid of their own government.
From another perspective, how long will humans be cheaper than machines to do any task? Ask yourself truthfully, do you see a computer or machine doing your job as well as you ten years from now? I have analyzed the largest companies in the world in a management consultant role, the most sophisticated computer systems, and worked in almost every corporate function at some point. I assure you that automation of your tasks is not far away. Right now the U.S. economy has been shifting to a servants, I mean “service oriented economy”. Will the human race be downsized?

Noah’s Ark

A disturbing theory that has been postulated and repeated many times by those involved in watching the government is that there appears to be a plan for a major population decrease. DNA samples are being catalogued for every species on the planet and unique brains are being catalogued into the CIA/DoD TAMI network. The cataloguing may not just be to improve the cloning capabilities for spying and warfare. It may be a justification that not that much will be lost for global population genocide. The Earth can not support the projected population growth. Resources will run out. So a plausibly denied event might be planned. A terrorist releases an air born virus. Rogue countries decide on nuclear war. It is difficult to guess exactly how it would be architected to look like another group was responsible for it. It is something to keep in mind for the next 50 years while world events unfold.
Since silicon immortality isn’t that far away. A decrease in population might be justified for that reason. Most life will do anything to survive. If it were known that immortality is being rolled out to a few very rich people, desperate people may do anything to get it. Or if it could be given to everyone simultaneously, the planet would always remain crowded yet might be another concern.

The Ego Trip

In Arnold Swarzenheger’s movie “Total Recall”, there is a false memory implantation technology that uses magnetic coils around the head. This is one way that brain waves can be modified as being researched by several academic institutions and labs. In this application, he wants to take a vacation to Mars. He elects an option of the virtual experience called the “Ego Trip”. Why be yourself on this trip? EEG heterodyning causes an alteration in personality, some weighted combination of all the people in the hive mind. I was shown that “personality overlays” can be captured from one person and replayed onto someone else. The “ego trip” really exists. It is a capture of temperament and emotional state mix and can be inserted by the computer interface onto the whole hive mind or just individuals.
This aspect of EEG heterodyning has unusual applications for empathizing with other people. Don’t judge someone until you walk a mile with their brain waves. How about the application of self improvement. Don’t want to be shy with the ladies anymore, just put on a personality overlay. Wives can finally make their husbands understand them better. Enemies can resolve their misunderstandings and differences. The list is endless just for this particular aspect of full brain communication. For the spy community it can help them more easily infiltrate organizations with a particular belief system and mind set so that they are less likely to be discovered by subtle voice intonations and body language cues.
Judgment Day
The current evil uses of EEG heterodyning can all be turned around. Rather than ruining the concept of justice by manipulating witnesses, judges, and juries or by committing crimes that can’t be traced back to the person’s will who cloned his/her brain waves onto someone else, the technology allows the judge to understand the sincerity of the accused. Truth can be more easily interpreted. Prisoners could be released under psychic surveillance parole. Sentenced people could opt for mental reprogramming rather than incarceration. Rather than being the number one nation in the world for incarcerating our people, we could be the freest nation through use of the technology. All these benefits are predicated on being able to awaken the world to its existence thereby taking it out of military “Top Secret” status so that civilian commercialism and development can commence.

Philosophy of consciousness

The keepers of EEG heterodyning technology fear that there will be a break down of social order, a vast moral cataclysm, and dissolution of religion around the world if it were known that the brain has been deciphered. People are resistant to the idea that our soul, our entire essence is contained in the electrochemical signals of the brain.
However, I disagree. I believe that religions will adapt as will morality to the better understanding of ourselves. There are two important ethical and legal questions that arise from this. How can we be held responsible for our actions if we are purely a product of genetics and stimuli from the environment? If the government is messing around with the electrical signals of the populations’ brains, how can anyone be charged for any crime given the unknowns of their experimentation? How can we even trust ourselves and our own thoughts if we know that they can be manipulated electromagnetically?

{Pilosophical thought experiments in psychophysics. Transporter problem. Operating table. Wireless connections. Freedom and choice defines “living”. }

More EEG Cloning Crimes

More new kinds of crime on their way. Rich, arrogant, desperate old men that want to live forever can clone their brain in silicon to be transferred or EEG cloned onto another body without the stored facsimile being at mortal risk within their purchased host. We found organ harvesting a repulsive crime, body snatching and soul stealing is far worse but less bloody.
Robin Hood of Intellectual Property

There is some evidence that the psychic operatives play a role similar to that of the tale of Robin Hood. They EEG clone spy on scientists’, inventors’, dreamers’, and writers’ minds, steal their intellectual property and ideas, and transmit them to others so that the recipients think they came up with the ideas. I believe that this is how Hollywood and mass media is used inadvertently to make movies that help to discredit test subjects testimonies. Intellectual property lawyers are going to have difficulty sorting out hive mind intellectual ownership. What if the whole human race was neurally linked into a complex cyber hive mind network ? Maybe it already is. Maybe there is no difference between a neurally linked hive mind and other information streams except for speed of communication. The philosophers of our time will enjoy debating this topic.

Audaces fortuna iuvat - Fortune favors the bold . (Virgil)

At Harvard College as a undergrad in Gray West in Harvard Yard, I held many philosophical debates with a guy named Ramsey. He believed in mind body duality and was a philosophy major. He believed that you could imprison the body but never the mind. I argued against him for weeks. And as irony would have it, a spirit and mind as free as mine where the only strong opinion I vocalized was intolerance for was intolerance itself, is now in an electromagnetic government sanctioned mind control prison. Apparently there are limits to freedom of thought and expression. I ventured too far. Hear the sounds of psychotronic technology as perceived by targets at the website

For anyone who wants to be the next Bill Gates out there and would like some coaching into how to pursue synaptic amplification cognitive modeling for applications like reliving a memory with all the emotions, visions, and smells attached to it for the next generation video camera-like device, I will guide you but I can’t help you directly because I’ve been tortured more than any common man could bear and have psychological blocks how close to the technology I can get without getting ill. They modeled their behavior control methods after a movie called “Clockwork Orange”.
Logical extrapolation of subjective/objective consciousness duality
The universe is teaming with choice at the quantum level. It is only logical for one to conclude it gives rise to the same “subjective” experiences when mapped. Functions coming in and out of existents in the burble of virtual particle interactions. Since a quantum state is indeterminate, it truly operates at the level of a non-linear nodal point of causal events. Like in the mind, choice is perceived at the moment of whether a neural group fires or not near its firing threshold. The structure of the universe is such that the smallest particles of interaction act like events at a firing threshold. Will the atom absorb the EM energy or let it pass by? Truly unknowable given the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This would be perceived by the function and system of which it is part as pure choice and free will. Not only is freedom necessary for the perceived experience of living. But I submit that this is evidence for much higher order conscious entities. Mankind first came to the egocentric faulty conclusion that the Earth was flat, then the sun revolved around us, that we are the only life in the Universe, and that consciousness exists only at our level of complexity. This is only a thought experiment though, because communicating with any other form of intelligent systems would be almost impossible.

Organizational Architectures for Optimal Decision
Voting as an example
Why do we get corrupt and average IQ political leaders when there are so many outstanding people to choose to lead us? It is a flaw with the system. First of all, any intelligent individual unless they have an ego and a need to be written in a history book would not undergo the media scrutiny that politicians go through. They don’t get paid much including the president unless you count all the perks such as stock portfolio manipulation. Secondly, the uneducated people get the same weight of influence in this decision process. Since we are dealing with important decision matrices, it only makes sense to weight the decision tree by some factor that represents the value of influence each vote should count. Take a political history and awareness test to indicate your level of involvement to put this country on track. Scale it 1-10 points and that is how much your vote will count. Running simulations of intelligent organizational structures shows this is a far superior way to optimize to a correct and intelligent decision.

Reverse Engineering TAMI
{Sorry this section is not finished and probably of most interest to people. Come back later.}

TAMI is one of the most sophisticated global neural interfacing systems this country has. It is no wonder that those children in the Pentagon that like to play war want to keep this toy so badly. If it were known how it is being misused, the public would be outraged.

My goal here is to inspire private research into psychophysics or as the military likes to market it, cognitive modeling, neural programming, computer/brain interfacing, and wireless brain modulating technologies. If a company or entrepreneurs would like to usher in a multibillion dollar or even trillion dollar market, they would be well advised to pursue this research. There, of course, is some risk, you might be menticized. But if enough independent groups pursue the rediscovery and development of these technologies, they can’t get us all.

Basic Hardware Architecture

Brainwave Readings
Start with the Malech Patent. Reproduce his results. Experiment with more sophisticated waveforms like the ones used for full spectrum Radar. They look like this.

This scanning technique across the frequency power spectrum will give a complete picture. Signal filtering and analysis is necessary to isolate the most important information carrying frequencies. Find and study the brain/head, body resonances to see where the body electricity can best be seen in the return signal. Model neurons as miniature microwave transceivers and the head as an electromagnetic cavity resonator.

Here is the specific equipment used by the Air Force in their development of neurological disruptors looking at neurotransmitter stimulated release by microwaves.

From the hardware, a clean signal representing brain wave amplitude, phase/frequency will result.

Software Architecture

An initial cognitive model will be required. This is the most difficult part of data collection. Using a large number of aligned samples for spoken words, movements, emotions, etc., and an autocorrelation algorithm will filter out the non correlated brainwave components for each brain function category sample set. From these classes, a recognition engine (neural network based or Markov Model based) could be used to recognize when those brain waves are present. Both a time based template and fourier spectrum analysis will be necessary to identify the particular active brain waves and their time sequence pattern progression for that task to be recognized or later stimulated. Remember to analyze frequency/phase shift information as well as amplitude when classifying the signals. Remember that multiple scales are needed to make the pattern recognition engine time scale invariant.

Translation between people’s brain waves is then a simpler task. Once the database contains an initial human cognitive model, every subsequent modeling effort will just be small deviations from that. Using a program that compares and aligns signals between two people with expedite the mapping process with some human intervention.


Now your system has a brainwave mapping for most human cognitive functions and your system can “translate” your brainwaves to someone else and vice versa or your own brainwaves can be played back to you like an mp3 file.


Start off by reproducing what the Stanford Research Institute did back in the 80’s, and work on just phoneme and word recognition both spoken and heard in order to gain confidence in the modeling process.

{diagrams here}

Details of Software Design and EEG Synchronization Tactics

Repetition of a brain entrainment signal to both parties helps synchronize the minds for a mind meld. Use binaural beating at 3.2 Hertz. You should have a graph of each participant’s EEG energy spectrum and their combined overlap to view for feedback. A full sentence is usually used repeated 3 times until EEG overlap is above a particular threshold. Only one mind can dominate the shared brainwaves at a time so only on speaker will ever be heard.


There is definitely a group of people more susceptible to electromagnetic brain wave induction. These people can be found in mind control forums and support groups for EM torture by the government. There are thousands of people that will be willing to volunteer and help out who are proven to be susceptible.
Also, in the CIA’s version of this system they utilize hypnotic binaural beating brain entrainment to synchronize the brain functions. It seems that this makes the whole process of aligning and isolating brain waves easier.

Remember that truth resonates. Good luck to all you brave entrepreneurs. Hope you make a billion dollars while ushering in the new dawn of mankind. If I ever escape from the mind controlled slavery and free the thousands of others, I’ll join you in your endeavor.

How Magnetic Resonance Imaging Works

How Electron Spin Resonance Imaging Works


It has arrived. The question is can you afford it? There are two types to choose from and that is genetic repair and organ transplants, or silicon form. Here is the back of the envelope calculation for the current cost of silicon immortality. You have roughly 1 trillion synaptic connections. The state of the art silicon manufacturing techniques are 23 times better than Intel’s 42 million transistors CPU. So a synapse at 16 bit resolution needs 16x1012 transistors. If a chip costs $350 for 42 million transistors then your mind would cost $350 * 1 trillion * 16 bits / 42 million = $133 million. Not many can afford that so immortality will need to be rolled out like most products with the rich early adopters of any technology. I built my first cascadable digital neural network chip during senior year as an undergraduate at Harvard which only fit 7 neurons on it. The bit resolution would determine the “resolution” of thought. The government labs have found a way to condense the brains information into covariance matrices. Perhaps this was the inspiration to the title of the movie, “The matrix”. We only use 10% of our brains, whatever than means. And with information compression techniques the cost of silicon immortality will come way day in the decades to come with better fabrication techniques that follow Moore’s Law .
People don’t like to think of themselves as pure information with a physical interface of the body. This mind/body duality has been of great debate amongst philosophers.
Many people create meaning for themselves through the concept of continuance genetically. Evolutionary success is determined by the number of successful offspring. Financial success is determined by the size of the bank account. Others determine success by the quantitative happiness that they were able to maintain throughout their lifespan. My personal belief in continuance, if I never can afford immortality, is in the propagation of my information. I am my mind. Simply by you the reader, reading my ideas, a meme has spread that replicates my brain signals into you. I believe it to be an even more direct replication and continuance of me. I am inseminating you the reading with ideas forged from my mind. My continuance is information which becomes distributed amongst those minds I have mated with. To bring a little humor to this odd concept, you’ve been mind copulated with while reading this book.
Enough philosophizing. Let’s look at the practical matter of immortality. You can save your state on a hard drive so that in case you have an accident, you can be reborn from the last save. This overlaps with an old concept of that of religion where Christ saves your soul. Maybe he could be viewed as a database administrator saving your information structure and evolution of the program to be run at a later time. Yes, I know it is difficult to accept that we are complex, dynamic, semi-closed, finite state machines. But that is the psychophyisics of it.
So let’s revisit the Malech patent again. A wireless link can be made between two or more brains using these techniques of observing the brain state changes of ion gates opening and closing. That means during transmission of the electromagnetic waves your soul is being amplified and completely bodiless until it reaches the other brain it is to mixed with. I am trying to converge people’s models of reality with this statement. Your soul is composed of signals requiring a physical structure to contain it. It doesn’t matter what that physical structure is. It could be billiard balls on a giant pool table. It could be atoms colliding in a gas lattice. If the information is there, then the subjective consciousness experience is there. This is what is meant by “computational equivalence” by Wolfram. Consciousness is the most abundant property of the universe. We exist because the Universe is dreaming.

Empower Your Freedom and Self Determinism

Read this aloud to yourself.

“The machine doesn’t know why it functions? I am the reason it moves. I am the spark of inspiration, the fire that fuels it. I am the meaning and the motive. It exists for me. I am the answer to the question why. I am here, now. I am the reason it exists. I am my own God. I determine my destiny. I am not a tool, nor a tool user, but rather I am the maker.”

Stop the Machine. Create your world. Take back your country!

Tuning the Mind

There is one potential benefit to thought amplifying technology without the evil meticization application. That is like an athlete who takes steroids in order to increase their biochemical testosterone signal which in turn creates muscle, a less than optimally tuned mind could benefit from amplification of their electrical brain resonance and entrainments. One is naturally more creative under an amplification signal. If you look at the normal distribution of all human qualities, they each have their benefit under specific conditions. If you are short, it comes in handy when seated in an airplane. If you are tall, you can reach the top shelf of a cupboard. Similarly, if you are “depressed” neurochemically then you are less likely to be prone to spontaneous decisions and more focused. Or if you are manic, you tend to be over enthusiastic about every idea which can motivate others. There is an optimal mindset for every occasion. Intelligence grossly measured by an overall metric called, IQ, is the weighted summation of various human intellectual capabilities that society has deemed valuable. So intelligence can be optimized for a particular individual using this technology. So far, the EEG cyber hive mind collectives have only achieved suboptimal configurations less than the parts. But that may change with continued research.

The synapse has been described as Medusa’s head, the women creature with snakes coming out of her head with just one glance can turn a man to stone.
The neuron depolarization speed is 200 mph or 116 m/s. At that speed you can calculate the number of neurons that can fire in a second from a chain of connected neurons. These are the opportunities of influencing “choice” when a neuron is near firing thresholds. An average axon ranges from 5 to 50 millimeters. That means in a firing pathway you would pass through 2,000 to 23,000 neurons in one second for a single chain reaction. This calculation is a bit higher than the measured brain wave frequencies because it doesn’t take into account the time delay for chemical messengers between neurons and other factors. You can see that if you could read the phase, amplitude, and frequency changes in the brain resonances, you would have a complete picture of what was happening at the neuronal level.
This is in line with Russian literature that describes psychotronics as high frequency pulsed ELFs. That means that the resonance frequencies of the brain as described in the Malech and Stocklin patents could use precisely timed pulses at these neural synaptic junctures to add energy to the synaptic firing decisions. These pulses would have components less than 23 KiloHertz and could possibly be picked up by the microwave hearing effect accounting for the melodic tinnitus many surviving weapon testing victims report.
So, I told you at the beginning of my report that my torture and menticization occurred while I was looking into “non-lethal directed energy weapons” and injecting electomagnetics into the brain for virtual reality applications. I doubt it was coincidence. I have been given a death sentence for pursuing this research, but I don’t want to dissuade other scientists from inventing all the positive applications I discussed in this report. I would recommend using the Yale University School of Medicine’s human body model that includes 67 tissues and their electromagnetic properties. Using FDTD simulations you should be able to calculate the complex waveforms necessary to influence particular brain regions in a specific person through resonances and by SAR (specific absorption rate) factors. Look up the Sony patents on mind influence using ultrasonic phased arrays for guidance. But the alternate approach would be to recreate the Malech and Stocklin patents first. It may turn out that is it far easier to influence brain function than that. It may be that timing brain resonance frequencies (modeling the head as a microwave cavity) to neuron firing events is enough to perform brain wave alterations. Other scientists, with military backgrounds, claim that using small magnetic fields at low frequencies will do it.
I know I have not achieved the greatness of my heroes Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, or Green by simplifying mind reading and influencing technologies for everyone to grasp. But I do believe I have reached enough people. And you can consider yourself enlightened, and not just illuminated anymore. I hope that this book will help all the electric heads out there subject to the brain damaged, selfish, power junkie’s experiments in torture and death. And awaken and inspire the good people of this country to take back democracy and restore justice by finding all the treasonous elements in the conspiracy that have stolen it from us.
Potential Beneficial Uses of Neuron Influencing Technology
Other research that is occurring in this area of brain amplification technologies, is tuning a brain for optimal problem solving for different situations. One neuroscience publication describes how adding noise to a neural network can increase its convergence speed. So for example, your mind when you are problem solving is trying every possible combination of solutions it can think of to coverage on the best probable answer. This searching algorithm can be speeded up with brain amplification. It is also useful during brain storming sessions or creative problem solving. A brain amplified state jostles the usual mental pathways out of their ruts of entrainment and can help with finding new solutions. It is extremely likely that a mind is often not at its maximum potential state for particular situations. Coffee helps achieve a better state of mind for some going to work for example. Others find meditation a way to achieve a desire state of mind. Being able to electromagnetically dial in a desirable mental state any time one wishes would be a huge boon for the human race and progress. This could have been available since 1960 if we didn’t have such selfish, power hungry, small minded men and women controlling this technology.
While increasing the brain’s amplification can increase the intelligence of a person up to a point. Tuning a brain past the point of optimal amplification turns the amplifier into a disabling (informational) weapon. The symptoms induced are ADD, psychotic, and schizophrenic like. The person becomes unable to focus on one task and often becomes paranoid. The brain’s pattern recognizers begin to misfire and patterns are perceived where there are none of significance. It is this sliding threshold of sensitivity that can be useful to increase hearing perception or visual motion perception. One can see why the DoD is studying this for soldiers.

The Dawn Devours the Darkness

Here are some good potential uses of classified mind control non-lethal directed energy weapons if the public accepted it despite all the abuses already committed by researchers, governments and agencies.
{Sorry this section is not finished and probably of most interest to people. Come back later.}


Since the epileptic seizure signal has been developed as a weapon, a brain about to go into seizure could be detected and the oscillation prevented.
Anesthetizing via Neuronal Amplification

I know much of this material is hard for people to grasp. So I try to reiterate the concepts more than once. I have tried my best to simplify the material for general consumption but some details are necessary in order to capture the ghost in the machine.
There have been several audio frequencies that have caused an anesthetizing effect on humans. Pain perception is decreased. Almost all the experiments that I and others have conducted point to the property of the weapon system as being only able to amplify or add energy into the system. This is consistent with the Air Force Non-Lethal weapons research at the University of Nevada where stimulated neurotransmitter release is the mechanism of synaptic modulation. However, in one of the tests in the MKUTLRA sequence, they do anesthetize sensations and sensitivities. This is not due to reducing neuronal amplification but rather amplifying inhibitory synaptic connection pathways. About 10% of synapses have a negative voltage addition to the summation at the Hillock amplification determination for firing. So amplifying those synaptic connection pathway frequencies would create a dampening effect on other pathways but not due to taking energy out of the system.

Sensitize areas with neuropathy

For example, the feet in diabetics become numb after many years and this leads to infection detection problems. Brain amplification technologies are used to increase the perception of pain so it could also be used to increase the sensitivity to areas of the body that have lost it.

Cure Multiple Sclerosis by forcing electrical depolarization compensating for demylinization of the axons of nerves.

Depression relief - dopamine and other neurotransmitter can be increased through brain amplification. The side effects of anti-depressant medications would be eliminated.

Appetite Suppression – They are looking into placating hungry populations so that they peacefully starve to death. But what a multi billion dollar market they are missing out on.

Students who have trouble focusing on a subject like science because it disinterests them could turn up their interest levels when they needed to.
Insights into mental disorders - "faith healing"
Through hive minds, psychologists could get a perfect understanding of psychological illnesses or delusions and correct them through thought training.
non-invasive electrical brain stimulation
Tremors are often cured by invasive electrical probes like what Michael J. Fox had done. It could be cured by non-invasive neuron modulation technologies.

negotiations and communications - United nations and meetings where total disclosure and trust is needed (to avert war for example) can be used to probe minds and build trust.

an experience recorder - relive emotions and sensory experiences of others and self. i.e. strange days (the movie) Seriously, this exists now but just for military covert uses.

The Babble Fish – Universal Translator
When you have the meaning of words mapped along with the internal vocalization, it is a far easier problem in computer science to translate in real time to another language.

music and movie creation
I was demonstrated a very cool example of what future commercial technology will bring. The system can capture the imagined sounds and visions in this extrasensory mode. If two or more people are connection they both create the one share visual workspace or sound space. There is both huge potential for interactive movies and efficiency at creation. Similarly, a band could produce an album in a day. These brain signals are decoded and capture on computers. The cognitive models enable translation into traditional media forms. In addition, action games are played. The problem to overcome for this industry is that there are no rules to constrain the imagination of either of the players so anything can happen even if it doesn’t follow physical dynamical laws.

electronic inebriation - Dependency intervention. Get drunk and be able to shut it off for driving.

Electronic Drugs

Psychoactive drugs are pleasurable and often addictive. They are altering neurotransmitter release or reuptake. In effect they are simply changing brain signals. The mind control experiments done on me and thousands of others can reproduce electromagnetically many effects known from abused drugs. If I were a major Columbian leader of a multibillion dollar drug cartel I would be investing in research to produce legal electromagnetic signals that provide similar effects as their commodity. The only difference is that brain signals need to be specialized to the individual unless you have the kind of database the CIA/DoD keeps up for mapping between variances.
Perhaps not in the too distant future, we will see teenagers, rather than getting stoned, using magnetic coils, microwave emitters, and EEG probes listening to Pink Floyd and downloading new electromagnetic brain patterns from the internet.
Clearly, since schizotronic (Psychotronic) generators can amplify brain signals and induce the same symptoms as naturally occurring schizophrenia, electronic magnetic inductions could also cure the illness. Researchers at Yale University are looking into this using a $2 million dollar grant from the department of health although their research is flawed and based on faulty assumptions about their subjects’ root causes of the symptoms. Seizures can be induced with these weapons, so the reverse is true. Sugar metabolism can be manipulated using microwaves so diabetes can be induced or potentially cured in a similar fashion. Emotions are precisely manipulated in the mind control demonstrations. Since depression can be induced, that means all the people taking prozac and other depression medications could be cured through this electromagnetic brain mapping tool. Maybe the whole population is already being subjected to an apathy signal during this continued takeover. That is what was speculated about the Russian Psychotronic Signals from the 7 most powerful transmitters in the world directed at the U.S. back in 1976. It was a hypnotic subduing apathy like brain entrainment. If you can make people feel happy about a fascist government, who will put up a fight or resist?
The list is endless what self deterministic neural programming technology can do for humanity once it is taken away from the small minds that current hoard it. If you want to quit biting your nails, it is only a signal away. This was demonstrated for me. I have bit my nails all my life and suddenly for a period of two months in the middle of my year long demonstration, I quit biting my nails. This actually disturbed me more than anything because I didn’t feel like myself without this bad habit. If you want to quit smoking, eat less and lose weight, exercise more, watch less television, be more patient with your kids, it can all be done with neural programming. Think about how fewer pharmecudical drugs will be necessary to become what we strive to be. Unless we can expose the technology details now and get the funding for demonstrating the prototypes, society will have to wait at least another 25 years before the Air Force and other agencies divulge these secrets according to scientists in top secret labs.

cyber hive mind - Meeting of the minds possibility for constructive IQ EQ tasks. See the “Global Brain” project.

Mobile communication without cumbersome electronics. Full emotional content conveyed with speech.

new forms of intelligences
I couldn’t dig up all the details of the early work on MIND (magnetically integrated neuron duplicator) but here is the basic gist of it. It is a known adaptability of the brain to compensate for a loss of a sense like vision or hearing. The neurons that were used for those functions get harnessed by the other senses and those senses become sharper. This is equivalent to increasing the resolution and processing power of that sense. Now the reverse phenomenon also is true but rarely studied or cited. That is the brain will incorporate a new sense and use it. This is what the “psychics” call the sixth sense. It is this electromagnetic constant signal modulated into their neural influences that a brain learns to interpret. The field and weapon is called biocommunications. This signal is basically composed of virtual neurons or sensing capabilities. The army is studying using the tongue as an input device into soldier’s brains by retraining the way a person interprets the taste and tactile information. The new information can be sonar or visual for example and the brain will readjust to create mental models of the surroundings with tongue information like a snake or how a bat uses sound.
But this has even more profound consequences. Virtual neurons act just like regular ones except they are stored or computed from a computer anywhere in the world. So part of these “psychics” brains are located someone else. In addition, this could have serious consequences if the entire population has been put on this network and their brains have learned to listen to the “signal” often heard as tinnitus when out of tune. The plasticity of the brain is due to the self organizing nature of neural networks. Add a few more inputs, the brain will learn to use them but at a cost of computing power to the other senses and mental tasks. Take some inputs away, like in a sensory deprivation chamber, and the brain will quit relying on them and focus the neurons on whatever other input they have.
So some of the top secret research that has been going on for many decades now involves trying to create a higher order intelligence composed of virtual neurons and multiple brains and new sensors using this wireless neural linking system. See Mind Viruses for further understanding of threats this research has caused. We are way past just the sixth sense.
These kind of neurally connected work groups could prove to have enormous efficiency and potential to be used to create a smarter being of sorts. It might be useful to compensate for neuron loss due to aging or Parkinson’s syndrome.

immortality - way to duplicate biological form into pure information. Our species can assend to a purely informational state and leave the corpuscle behind.

Brain Machine Interfacing Technology

Not only are they conducting internal voice recognition using the neural feature set of premotor muscle movements and word meaning recall brain waves, they are less successfully working on computer vision image recognition techniques from the decoded visual cortex. Once the visual cortex is decoded back into a 2-d or 3-d representation , traditional computer vision techniques are applied to recognize words or objects. This has incredible potential for mind/machine interfacing. By just visualizing characters being typed, a computer could recognize the characters, send them to a virtual keyboard to an internet browser and then project the resultant information page in their minds eye. This would be getting close to a true cyber hive mind interface and access to instant information on demand.
In business school I borrowed a pair of heads-up display glasses from DARPA for a wearable computer entrepreneurship project. The idea was to overlay a computer screen in each eye that would enhance reality with information that only you could see. For example, with a small camera embedded in the glasses face recognition could be done. A bio of the recognized face comes up. Or if you are giving a presentation, you could read off a teleprompter only you could see. We focused on airplane maintenance where workers could read manuals but use their hands simultaneously. Doctors could get a magnified view of their patients or a real time MRI scan overlaid on their normal sight and sounds, etc. At the time, I did not think that direct wireless neural interfacing techniques were so developed.
While the scientific community is very aware of the advances in wired or probed brain interfacing from monkeys that control robot arms with their thoughts to humans that can control mouse cursors with magnetic brain probing, no one is allowed to know or acknowledge the wireless methods I exposed in this book.

better truth detection methods

instant control of moods and energy levels - electronic coffee served in bed in the morning maintaining perfect energy levels, sleep aids (i.e. 1/2 hertz signal at bed time)

kidnappings - can locate anywhere in world by EEG or body resonances signatures

Better medical diagnoses. Expert can feel the symptoms of the patient and immediately and more accurately diagnose patients. For example, someone suffering a heart attack could be diagnosed immediately and even potentially the particular clogged arteries vs. those that come in with panic attacks.

Neuromarketing – Direct implanting of advertising and subliminal suggestions.
Create good habits in yourself.
Personality overlays.
The demonstration

I was replayed PMS as a torture. Guys, it is the worst set of emotions and physical cramping you can possibly imagine. The military is using a captured signal from someone who suffered terrible PMS for torture just to give you an idea what some women go through monthly. Have sympathy.

Any set of brainwaves can be captured and held or replayed continuously.

Variable weightings of brain entrainment participants are achieved. They can become mostly you, or vice versa they can take control of your mind and body. It’s an unnerving experience (no pun intended) to become a silent observer while you transform into someone else. You feel their will, emotions, and physical movements. Add more participants in the cyber hive mind, and you get multiple mental focuses of attention and it quickly becomes dysfunctional. Many subjects of these mind control experiments have been duped into believing they are possessed, have multiple personalities, or that some religious figure is speaking through them.

Teaching is the biggest use. Having children model teachers mind. As well as teacher being able to convey concepts and create 3-d animations in his mind for all to view and understand instantly.

control fear like for public speaking or skydiving
Identify sociopaths and criminal intent through brain prints. Flush out the traitors in the government who commit criminal acts of torture and practice assassinations.
Protect and recognize minds from a Russian psychic attack.

{Purging mankind of their temptations for sin. Self determinism the technology offers. Perfection of ourselves by our own definitions.} Expands these ideas.
Investment opportunities

The technology allows for replays of memories with emotional content. Depending on conditions, this is better than a home movie or photo album. An EEG recording of some other subject that suffered a heart attack who was taken by ambulance to a hospital was replayed for me. I felt the defibrillation paddles on me twice. I got to experience open heart surgery with a stroke after the anticoagulants were injected. You would think after that experience I would improve my life style habits but here I am living a sedentary lifestyle typing this book. This would be a revolutionary way to share memories with people and relive the happy moments in your past. The movie industry will completely change. They will be selling an interactive experience where the observer feels all the actors’ emotions, including smells and other sensory perception. Gaming would become far more real where you can feel pain if you get shot. The porn industry will be out of control for sure. This technology just needs to be taken out of the DoD weapons labs for society to begin building the good applications around it.

Interactive movie creation – They can induce an instant dream state where all participants play a part in creating the dream like movie. When conditions are right, you can be pulled into the Matrix completely.

Electronic drugs – They have all the runaway drug addiction pathways mapped out. They can turn almost anyone into a homeless drug addict or groom them to be a mind controlled politician. Addictions could be eliminated. Psychoactive mood altering drugs could be administered by electromagnetics far more cheaply than by pharmaceuticals.

Sexual orientation – This has been a sore topic for the military, so research into “correcting” the gay population has been of continued research interest.

Self deterministic programming – You decide who you want to be. Personality overlays.

Direct implant of advertising
Neuropop was a company who was looking into directly implanting advertising using wireless brainwave modulation but they disappeared. About every decade the masses become worried about subliminal controls which caused laws to be passed that are suppose to prevent subliminal and hypnotic advertising. But the government clearly breaks these laws and nobody enforces them anymore. Philosophically speaking, what is the difference between a high pressure salesman and subtle influences of advertising. Where do you draw the line? The Japanese have a technique called silent cassette, which is suppose to send subliminal psychotronic signals through a CRT tube. Supposedly, the Russians released the computer virus called, Satan 666, that created heart arrhythmia psychotronic signals emitted by the computer monitor. There are other techniques that splice a fraction of the viewing screen every 25th frame so that only the subconscious mind pieces the whole image together. There are countless other methods that a search through the patent office turns up.
Sounds futuristic and like science fiction but it has been a science fact since the early 60’s. The science is being horded as a torture, interrogation, mind probing and manipulation tool for the DoD. Sadly, they have done far more damage to this country through their secrecy than good. Now they feel they have abused it too much to come clean. They will shred documents like the CIA director Helms did when the last investigation was ordered by Congress in the Church hearings.

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