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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spies - Villians Not Heroes


Spying is an age old practice carried out on behalf of groups, governments, corporations, even religious organizations but today’s spies are mostly desk bound rather than operating in the field; they monitor surveillance screens, they write, and they manipulate. Now, The Bard once wrote that all the world’s a stage and at least as far as modern day public figures are concerned, that is clearly true. However, few people realize that most players on the world stage are not only performing scripted roles but that those scripts are often prepared by writers who are spy agency plants or recruits.
Many other writers are also corruptible or worse, organized crime figures, many of these also being agency connected. This effectively gives those directing spy and/or crime operations direct control over world events and how they are perceived as well as social attitudes, opinions and even in some cases, our minds. Their first and best sell is to brainwash the public into believing that they are heroes. Of course in reality they’re not. They’re villains and this essay addresses that truth.
Many spies are placed in or recruited into key roles (both public and non public) where they can betray the general public with immunity from detection/prosecution. Contrary to the mass media portrayal of spying as some noble, heroic venture it is, in fact, more times than not a significant part of an overall conspiracy to oppress innocent citizens and suppress the truth. Again, this is done not on behalf of the general community but for the benefit of the criminal element that controls and preys on that community. In effect, that element is “The country” which spies protect in that they own it financially (usually as a result of criminal/dubious activity) and don’t want their crimes revealed. But by doing their dirty work spies become traitors to their real country which, especially in a democracy, should be the vast majority of the general population… not the land or its wealth or those that corruptly control both but the normal, average, law-abiding citizens that inhabit it.
This essay also deals with the various methods used by spies to betray us but the focus is on their treachery. By serving corrupt masters through their deceptions, their manipulations, their victimizations and other state sanctioned crimes they make themselves enemies of the people. Their functions/methods are often no less than crimes against humanity itself. A brief explanation of some of these methods follows (in no particular order).


Agencies have for a long time relied on controlling the flow of information to control our minds. That control has never been tighter than it is today. They place operatives everywhere that deception is convenient: politics, journalism, law enforcement, healthcare, bureaucracies etc. Forget the spy v spy scenarios of fictional fame, most spies victimize ordinary citizens. Also misinformation officers, like propaganda experts of all sorts, write for the mass media including writing news reports, ads, comedy, movies, articles, songs, books (including history books) etc. Hitler was infamous for organizing book burnings but these days that’s hardly necessary as today’s villains financially (through ownership) and practically (through staffing) control/censor the truth and/or totally prevent publication of it. Sex, violence and so on are not stringently censored but the truth regarding many important matters is brutally suppressed. Examples include the covert methodology and secrecy order protected technology outlined in this essay. Also course work in physics, psychiatry, law enforcement, even ethics reveals none of it (by design and law) thus allowing a range of crimes, unknown to most.
Sadly, people have become so comfortable with certain government/media/corporate lies, so conditioned to being “protected” from the truth that they actually don’t want to hear or read the uglier truths. They prefer instead to believe the fantasies that they’ve been fed. This is never more so than when talking about the crimes of the ruling classes; public figures, wealthy businessmen, powerful agency personnel etc. The excuses and self delusional belief systems adopted by those associating with these criminals (other community leaders, employees etc) is proof positive that aside from those primarily guilty of the crimes in question there are many others prepared to turn a blind eye for material reward, mate-ship, through fear etc. Then there’s the distracted general public, brainwashed not to care about anything that doesn’t directly affect them as individuals (see “DISTRACTIONS” below). I believe this to be the single biggest problem of all... not the unintelligent who can’t understand, not the corrupt who refuse to acknowledge but the inaction of the apathetic and fearful who don’t want to know.
Selfish apathy and fear are problematic enough when looking at publicized issues like the environment, climate change, war/terrorism, poverty, weapons/drug proliferation etc but there’s something worse… The censorship/misinformation issue is by its very nature self-concealing and so the real reasons for other big problems often remain hidden from public view and so protected from community comment. The real issues get scant and incomplete coverage. Many don’t even know there is a “censorship” problem; brainwashed by mass media propaganda into believing the media and thinking that spies are good not evil. They have no idea of the crimes spies commit to protect the ruling criminal elite from criticism. If people know and accept that many police are corrupt, that many public icons are untrustworthy, that businessmen will rob them why are they so slow to see that agency personnel are better placed than any of them to get away with murder etc. Official state secrets privilege allows these criminals to cover their activities with bogus national security laws. This secrecy in turn allows state sanctioned treachery when open government is the only acceptable democratic method.


Persons of interest (both good and bad) are monitored via satellite 24/7; many are also tormented and tortured through the use of satellite-based directed energy weapons and psychotronic attacks using neurophones (voice to skull technology), mind reading technologies and so on. For starters, all of us have our telecommunications monitored (via satellite e.g. the Echelon system), public figures also have audio/visual monitoring 24/7. Banned/censored writers, whistleblowers and anti-crime campaigners etc also have harassment 24/7… On top of that (strangely enough) terrorists, madmen and other criminals are also monitored but rarely stopped; creating a chaotic state of affairs for governments and agencies to control with legislation and high-tech interference in peoples lives.
This allows convenient events to occur without reference to the technology that could easily stop them but then, of course, people would wonder what else they’re used for if they were used to stop crime…


Computers/spies monitor telecommunications as well as all submitted writings, all real time conversations, and even some thoughts to create a mental slavery scenario where ordinary disempowered people can have their ideas stolen without recourse to the law. Monitoring of “persons of interest” who are not public figures actually also helps the corrupt to stay in touch with the common man (the silenced majority) and presents popular views and so on which are alien to the privileged few that run society. They do this not only because they’re thieves but because they will not tolerate honest men and women in their midst (there’s been a kind of “ethic cleansing”) and so have only one way of accessing and using those peoples ideas. The theft is covered with ridicule (the oldest spy trick of all) and denial. Because only the corruptible are accepted into public life it’s no surprise that most public figures are prepared to steal from the dis-empowered.


I should start by pointing out that this is very common and is a criminal practice well known to all media bodies including Australia’s Press Council, Broadcasting Authority and Journalists Association. To date nothing has been done to prevent it. The main reason for this is that the mainstream media is today made up of companies which are (almost exclusively) owned and controlled by organized crime and influenced by corrupt agency connections. This feedback method involves the most basic of spy methodology: to destroy opponents by ridicule. It can involve leading questions, misquotes and/or apparent “mistakes” or covers.
OK, so this practice, the most common of all harassment techniques (except maybe for tampering with mail and personal items, aircraft swoops and emergency vehicle “appearances”) involves the satellite/computer collection and dissemination of surveillance results and the “feeding back” of these results through media scripts. For example, on a given morning a victim might say “I’ve had a gutful of corrupt governments”, he may play golf, he may make his car repayment etc etc. Later that day he tunes into his favorite news program or reads his favorite afternoon newspaper etc only to find a clear focus on stories involving the very things he said (out of context). As the days, weeks, months roll by the coincidences multiply and the situation is repeated through ads, comedy, songs etc etc each and every day (incessantly) sometimes for decades. The intention is to criminally harass the victim in the hope that they go mad, bad etc as they’re surrounded by coincidences. If they complain to friends, family, authorities they can appear paranoid and be discredited (like the spreading of false rumours and the encouraging of personal ridicule, spies fuel this process by setting it all up to distance victims from any possible source of help). If victims approach the presenters of the surveillance scripted material for an explanation they can be institutionalized or at least severely embarrassed when the presenter feigns ignorance and treats the victim like a stalker or something. These presenters are accomplices who follow the instructions of criminal executives and agency liars. They are no better than their puppeteers. Law-abiding people with integrity would not participate in any of this. Unfortunately many prominent people have no integrity, having sold their souls for opportunity.


The present day portrayal of many Muslims as crazed terrorists, through events like The World Trade Centre tragedy of 11/09/01, is no different to Nero burning Rome and blaming it on the Christians. Throughout history the guilty have branded the innocent to cover their tracks and destroy their critics. One recent example was confirmed by ex Italian President Francesco Cossiga who admitted he helped set up Operation Gladio, a rogue spy network operating under the auspices of the US intelligence apparatus. These “Gladio” villains carried out bombings across Europe for over 3 decades (ending in the 80’s), all aimed at branding their ideological political opponents as terrorists. Similar set ups can be carried out against individuals to frame them to look like criminals when, in fact, they’re innocent, even vehemently opposed to crime. Again the agencies and their masters do this to conceal their own activities by discrediting their opponents. With catch cries of “don’t talk to him/them” or “do something for your country” or a combination of threats and rewards they also gain the co-operation of associates who should, in reality, help the victim’s not the victimisers.


In Roman times rulers offered “bread and circuses”, the British spoke of “beer and skittles” and today’s catch cry remains “sex and drugs and rock n’ roll”. But whether it be a harmless pastime or a sordid preoccupation the effect is the same… people are focused on enjoying their own time and money with little or no concern for others they are out of the socio-political equation. The more time that’s spent on trivia and self gratification the harder it is for people to display integrity, altruism and compassion when confronted with life’s harsher realities. In other words, apathy takes hold. The encouragement of this situation is another agency function.


Scientists who know too much about secret weaponry/plans or who may pass on their knowledge/skills to others, celebrities who oppose crime in high places, whistle-blowers who have details on specific wrongdoings etc etc are the innocent ones that can be killed. Whether it be by a convenient accident (overdose, plane or car crash etc) or working off personal health problem (cancers, heart attacks etc can be induced via technology) or an apparent assassination (Manchurian candidates can be remote-controlled through brainwashing) the agencies are often the attack dogs that do the dirty work of the ruling elite. That elite then sit back smugly in denial and delusion about their role in the crimes in question.
Then there’s also the more widespread killings effected through things like the promotion of the use of dangerous foods/chemicals or the use of appliances like mobile phones. There’s also the suppression of cures for cancer and other diseases and the introduction of others; such as AIDS. The CIA even has contingency plans for culling a high percentage of the world’s entire population.


It’s not just Masonic organizations that interfere here, agency personnel can masquerade as almost anyone (from a witness to a victim), they can stop proceedings/arguments with secrecy orders, they can prevent investigations by police or health experts and so on and so forth. They also sit behind the scenes and ensure that whilst media/government hypocrites willingly line up and condemn small time criminals (petty thieves, thugs, drug abusers etc) that more serious criminals (such as corporate fraudsters, statesmen “war mongers” and drug barons) are protected and are positively portrayed to the people. In addition, division is created between those few good people who may be closer to these criminals and those good people observing from afar. This removes any possible conflict.
Also, corruptible court and law enforcement officials, psychiatrists and others help to discredit those presenting the truth. It’s all part of the conspiracies of silence which are run on certain important matters. For psych’ experts used in court proceedings freeing the guilty and branding the innocent are well known practices. What’s not so well known is that the psych’ texts were prepared/vetted by agency psychiatrists to allow their colleagues to be used to silence anyone speaking the harsher truths. Terms such as “brainwashing” and “paranoid schizophrenia” were in fact penned by spy agency psychiatrists, principally to brand victims of covert harassment as being deranged and therefore not to be believed. Many agency targets as well as agency whistle-blowers have been destroyed in this way. Honest psychiatrists who try to blow the whistle on the practice are, like knowledgeable scientists, murdered.


Naturally mere mention of organizations like the CIA or the Mossad creates a panic in people because deep down inside they very well know that spy agencies cannot be trusted. It’s not that members of the public have done anything wrong but they know that spies have. So it is with those agency/crime accomplices who are guilty by association; those who turn a blind eye to what their mates or celebrity friends or business acquaintances are up to. (One denial by a smiling celebrity negates a mountain of information). They co-operate out of fear, self interest etc and will not give the time of day to their associate’s targets. Even many members of the clergy are prepared to sell their souls for the gains received in this way. Sadly they’ll support their powerful contacts and sell out the innocent. They must do this with stars in their eyes, a “nobody’s perfect” excuse with regard to powerful criminals and a “he must be mad” delusion with regard to the innocent. The result is that instead of being thrown to the lions with the innocent victims they join the crowd and enjoy the blood sport. The level of hypocrisy is astounding.


The work of an agent provocateur has never been more effective than it is today.
Various harassment methods from surveillance feedback to audio torture by neurophone transmissions to high tech brainwave monitoring and even directed energy blasts are available to hurt/provoke their targets. Corrupt agency personnel and their criminal associates can also arrange aircraft swoops, siren wailing and face to face conflicts. With most people simple anger, fear etc may be the emotional responses but they do nothing illegal or immoral in response; just defend themselves. However, when this provocation is directed at potential criminals or those mentally limited in some way the response can be catastrophic. For example neurophone input (a form of remote brainwashing when used on the weak-minded) was used on Martin Bryant (the accused from The Port Arthur massacre) and John Chapman (the man who killed John Lennon). Modern Manchurian Candidates like these can be fired up from a great distance. And in fact people like this are more and more often becoming the useful puppets of spies who are tagged/monitored themselves and so are confined to surveillance/harassment room operations. They need dupes and scapegoats to do their dirty work and high tech satellite equipment allows them to organize this remotely.


National security legislation, military acts, secrecy orders and all manner of official protection for crimes of the state are lined up to hide powerful criminals. Aside from what’s already been stated, if the resources/technology mentioned in this piece was made available to honest law enforcers instead of corruptible spies then everything from truth serums to satellite surveillance and mind reading technologies could be used to monitor, prevent, detect, capture, interrogate etc. Crime could be all but wiped out. But, of course, those controlling the technology (being themselves the greatest criminals of all) don’t want that. They want the mayhem to continue to justify crushing everyone’s basic human/civil rights so they fight their “war on terror” and launch “criminal crackdowns”etc. Meanwhile, spies and the ruling elite etc are protected, even from criticism, by the very technology that should be used to stop them. It’s all about control and money. There are no excuses, only lies and cover-ups. Goons from the secret service and other covert groups are all too often used to harass the innocent to protect the guilty from criticism.


Aside from the obvious personal promotion or destruction of the reputations of individuals via, lies/rumours/harassment etc (and almost every victim is confused about what has been said or how they’ve been set up) there are also elaborate hoaxes and scams run (using the secret technology mentioned). These include the promotion within the general community of notions such as the existence of aliens, ghosts, psychic phenomena etc. False beliefs flourish as a result.
How is it done? Easy… With the surveillance systems I’ve outlined. Computers hold a wealth of information on everyone. Couple that with secret technology that can move objects in any way and at frightening speed, and/or put a voice in your head and/or read your mind and/or cause you to hallucinate and/or feel pain, anger, sorrow etc etc. It’s all possible and from quite a distance away: Space.
Why is it done? Governments and corporations etc may want to silence or discredit someone; they may want human guinea pigs for an illegal experiment that no one would ever volunteer for; they may want to manipulate people (e.g. through a false psychic); they may want general community acceptance to legitimize an operation (e.g. NASA/military spending) etc etc.
Personally I believe that in each and every case of apparent paranormal psychic/alien phenomena there is a logical explanation leading back to the ruling elite (who betray us all by their secrecy on such matters). It’s all man’s inhumanity to man. There is a God and there is man. That is all. Everything else is the result of brainwashing and delusion.


The crime/spy controlled media picks and chooses the timing, slant and effects of its reports so as to warn, control, stop or destroy monitored persons. The message being to do (or not do) something that may have no connection to the “story” at all. For example, if powerful criminals want to warn a government on a serious policy matter they can arrange for a sex scandal involving MPs to be publicized or focus on some “slip of the tongue” and blow it out of proportion.
More seriously, with access to geophysical weaponry, spies (esp. military spies) can alter the weather, cause earthquakes etc (using equipment like HAARP in Alaska) etc. Satellite technology can also start fires, shoot down planes etc (without detection). Agency personnel can deliver many nasty warnings to get the co-operation of others.


The modern term for brainwashing is mind control and today’s technology (incl satellite based neurophones, mind-reading software and mood management techniques) allows many mind control experiments as well as dream/idea/thought studies, set ups, remote torment/torture, interrogation, murder and more. The expanding scope of illegal human experimentation indicates that the oppressive control of the politically aware population is increasing. No longer are these operations restricted to the physical tampering with “missing persons” or “alien abductees”, today’s remote technologies are used to manipulate/restrict members of the wider population, across the broad spectrum of thinking, caring, knowledgeable people.
On top of this mental slavery is part of the overall slave trade which is currently third (behind the weapons and drug trades) on the list of illegal but lucrative human activities. All three are partially run by the CIA and other agencies and their criminal associates. And these are the people that are protected from scrutiny by bogus national security legislation and secrecy provisions… Without totally independent (and knowledgeable) regulatory or investigative bodies the agencies can act as they wish; breaking any legal/moral code and feeding off the population at will. All talk of a “need to know”, “protecting the population”, “classified” documents etc is usually little more than a phoney cover for sanctioned crime. In fact, the cover provided by bogus laws, wealth, power, position etc should be no defense yet laws and resources are made and allocated so as to provide cover for all manner of evil right up to and including illegal human experimentation and environmental ruin. In the case of national security, military, defamation and other laws the protection afforded the criminals far outweighs that granted to their victims.


These range from conspiracies of silence concerning oppressed citizens (falsely branded as anything from nuts to terrorists) right through to large scale operations like wars and false terrorist threats (e.g. see the earlier reference to Operation Gladio under “False Flag operations”). In between we have individual assassinations (some using Manchurian candidates or dupes) and tragic events like The New York World Trade Centre disaster. To shrink from the term “conspiracy” like it implies some sort of paranoia is to ignore the real world and retreat into fantasy land. The world is, in effect, run by conspiracies of one sort or another. The term even appears on the statute books (“conspiracy to murder”etc). It’s real and spies are the main culprits. Their harassment campaigns can be as simple as interfering with mail, bank a/c’s, bills etc right through to organizing overt/covert torment and high tech torture. The bigger conspiracies present the world itself in the wrong light to an unsuspecting population.


The arms trade, the drug trade, illegal experimentation, paedophile networks, prostitution rings, money laundering, financial scams and more are, to a large extent, shielded from law enforcement intervention, criticism etc by spy agencies which profit directly or indirectly from such criminal activity. The entertainment industry, responsible for our opinions, distractions etc, is criminally controlled and is also one of these protected operations.


What’s written here is based on research, observation, experts/victims anecdotes and personal experience gathered over nearly 20 years.
To verify my position and convince the reader of my personal integrity and genuine concern I should point out that I am a Uni graduate who has tried his hand at a variety of jobs. I have held responsible positions in both the public and private sector. I have neither committed nor seriously contemplated any wrongdoing of any sort, yet out of ignorance/curiosity I have applied for a number of jobs over the years with employers which I later learned were involved in criminal activity.
One of these organizations was ASIO… having completed their testing procedures I was at a final interview when I was confronted by the question: “Are you prepared to do anything that you’re told to without question?” This immediately set off alarm bells. Clearly I would be asked to do things that were immoral or illegal etc so at this point I said “No” and abruptly walked out. My privacy may well have been invaded from that point. Certainly agency employees are monitored when they leave their employment; perhaps job applicants are similarly studied.
Similarly disturbing was the question I was asked when applying for work with a politician. Again, the final question put me off... it concerned corruption and what I’d do if the proverbial bag of money landed on my desk. My honest answer was clearly unacceptable; only the corruptible are welcome.
A third example involved an application to a TV station for work. Afterwards I criticized the media for their crimes of privacy invasion and harassment. That particular station was later responsible for a set up in which an unsuccessful attempt was made to silence me by having me committed. “This is what they (the media) do to people that cross them” said an employee of the institution in question. I later learned that many media targets had been silenced that way.
Clearly in all three cases my honesty was not to be tolerated. I later fielded multi-sourced and multi-faceted harassment from corporations, the media, government and (foreign) agencies etc after I wrote “In the year 2252”, a fictional anti-corruption novel (which was not based on my own experiences). The connections between organized crime (which runs the entire entertainment industry, including publishing) and corrupt spy agencies which can access high tech surveillance/harassment equipment became clearer from that point (1990-1991) as powerful criminals (wrongly assuming the novel was based on today’s criminals) came at me covertly to destroy me and prevent any chance of publication.


There are countless bodies reporting on agency misconduct but, more generally, Jack McLamb (ex police officer) runs an organization called “Police and military against The New World Order” through which he tries to educate police and military employees about the ways they can be tricked into oppressing innocent people. However many wrongdoers are not tricked at all, they just follow orders and that’s no excuse.
It’s no excuse morally and it should be no excuse legally. We need independent watchdogs in these areas but, more importantly we need them for the clandestine and dangerously powerful world of spying where corruption is rife. There needs to be a system of checks and balances on personnel and resources for bodies that can kill/manipulate the mind, body, spirit and emotions as effectively as they can using modern (secretive) technology. Existing systems, like the inspector general’s office are a band aid in a battlefield; useless. For example, NASA’s Inspector General’s office suggested prayer was the only answer to all of this. Clearly they were as helpless as the victims.


The crimes committed by spies are, like those of connected criminals, protected from scrutiny by corrupt laws, corrupt law enforcement bodies and a corrupt media. Lesser criminals are apprehended, tried and punished and often vilified by more serious criminals masquerading as community leaders. These same people use spies and goons to do their dirty work and then go into denial about their role in it all.
In the absence of a genuine regulatory framework and proper independent supervision of spy operations all that individuals like myself can do is try to raise public awareness of the problems. It is clearly NOT a free world. You have the freedom to consume and live in blissful ignorance but that is all. As for democracy, free speech and other apparent rights, it’s all illusionary; the illusions being facilitated by agency criminals, the media and others. In other words, you live without oppression only if you’re totally self-absorbed and distracted to the point when you don’t want the truth; you don’t care. Those actually seeking the truth and/or challenging the crimes of the ruling classes are brutally (but covertly) destroyed.
Today, politics, the media and major corporate entities are primarily protected criminal operations with spies used as the enforcers. These spies are not the fictional heroes of entertainment fame but real life villains who betray the people. They commit crimes against humanity itself and lead the law-abiding majority in a direction they’d rather not go. If they only knew.

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