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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Lawless State: Biological/Radiological

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Linda said...

These people are guilty of torturing individuals with the types of equipment and tactics that you have been discussing thru-out your blog.

(just like the old days...) From:UCLA Department of Psychology
(Social Cognitive Psychologists)

1.)UCLA's Dr. Matthew Lieberman
2.)UCLA's Dr. Naomi Eisenberger
These two are married and have purchased a $1.6 million dollar home in Los Angeles, Ca. that is located near UCLA!
3.) David Hollowell = is a
Secret Service Agent and a
Chaplin in the U.S. Military.and a Pastor for Bethlehem Lutheran Church!In 2003 , he was at the Los Alamitos , Ca. Bethlehem Lutheran Church!

4.) North Vector Inc. = a company
in Menlo Park ,Ca. that is owned
and operated by ex-navy seal
operatives that specialize in
HUMIT, SIGNIT, real-time GPS and
sensor tracking and is registered
with the U.S. Army's NETCOMM
system! It seems their ex-Sun Microsystems employee that is named Geoffrey Baehr (not only is a expert in the wireless link that is used to connect the electronics to the person ,but there is a Brad Baehr ..that is related to geoffrey baehr..that seems to have had something to do with North Vector Inc. receiving their U.S. Army NETCOMM system . They also are Inteliplex ..which does GPS sensor tracking. And ..Their Ex-navy seal Charles 'Chuck' O'connor worked at a company that employed CIA interrogation scandal military psychologist and SERE expert Dr. James Mitchell !

5.) Fullerton, Ca. Psychologist
named Dr. Ronald Carlson..who is suppose to be a close relative to the CEO of SRI Int'l (in Menlo Park, Ca.) Dr. Curtis Carlson!

6.) Gregg Andrew Hurwitz = is a
author who is noted for his
research and books on mind
control techniques, secret
service corruption,US Marshals
and UCLA Neuro-psychiatric and
social psychology department! He
is a writer on the prime time
television series 'V', ect..

There is more...I will send it to you as soon as I can...
Focus your attention at UCLA!
UCLA brain mapping departments and USC's Dr. Gerald Loeb's work!

Gregg Andrew Hurwitz works at Marvel Comics with a Jeff Loeb! Check to see if this Jeff Loeb and Gerald Loeb are brothers?? That would be another huge connection!

Also...a Dr. Gerald Krueger from the U.S. Army and leader in the Army's Land Warrior System currently funded and being developed by the U.S. Government!

Dr. Matthew Lieberman also works for DGI (national security consultants and in neuro-marketing) he is also a APA Psychologist that is researching for the interrogation tactics that has been used over seas!

there is so much more...and it needs to be stopped..
Hope this Helps!

Linda said...

UCLA's social Cognitive psychologists named
Dr. Matthew Lieberman and (his wife) Dr. Naomi Eisenberger ...and their collaborators have been doing harmful and unethical human research experiments on unconsenting individuals since 2002!
In Summary... Dr. Matthew Lieberman and Dr. Naomi Eisenberger (at UCLA) , work with a group of individuals that they pay to deliberately , manipulate un-consenting individual's real-time daily social environment in a very negative and harmful way! They manipulate their research subjects real world daily environment ,so their subject is forced to encounter extreme amounts of loss, rejection, financial ruin and social and emotional distress thru out their day .

They deliberately force their victims to encounter problematic situations that cause them to viciously experience irreversible episodes of abandonment,grief,visceral pain, humiliation, financial loss, relationship problems, helplessness, ostracism, disassociation, trauma, fear, withdrawal, sexual assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse, defamation of character, false imprisonment, and loss of social support ect...!

Their victims begin to suffer from extreme amounts of long term emotional distress, visceral pain ,health problems, immune deficiencies,heart palpitations, and brain damage. This gives Dr. Matthew Lieberman and Dr. Naomi Eisenberger (and their colleagues) ,a chance to observe and map the deterioration and damage that this type of pain does to a healthy human body and a healthy person's brain!

UCLA's Dr.Matthew Lieberman and Dr. Naomi Eisenberger have continued the Sidney Gottlieb and Cameron TYPE experiments! Dr. Matthew Lieberman's work at UCLA, is the same type of work that was being done for Dr. Gottlieb..Persuasion,pain,reading ones intentions and now even Neuro-marketing! , they are using the new state of the art imaging technology (used by UCLA's Dr. Marc Cohen) and wireless sensors for recording brain activity for BCIs!

Dr. Matthew Lieberman is one of the APA psychologists that has a connection to the CIA interrogation scandal in Iraq!

This time they are teamed up with a former U.S. Secret Service agent named David Hollowell (who can be seen as the Bald African American Man , that has stood next to ex-pres G. Bush Jr. when he would shake hands with the public)! David Hollowell also is known as Pastor David Hollowell at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Los Alamitos ,Ca. in the year 2003!! He is guilty of running and researching the strategies and equipment that they have been conducting R&D on and testing on un-consenting individuals in Calif.!

David Hollowell (and his co-workers), uses dis-information tactics and security clearances privileges to block any type of investigations that could lead to their prosecution or unveiling of their criminal activities to the public or congress! They also ,place false rumors and lies ..up against their victims ...telling false stories that persuade law enforcement and others that their victims are mentally ill ,in order to discredit them so no one would believe their testimonies! He places false dis-crediting information about his victims in some kind of database that is accessed by law enforcement and other gov. departments ,that is strong enough to falsely and illegally discredit his victims immediately..leaving them with no chance of getting law enforcement to help them stop these guys from torturing them any further!

David Hollowell , Ed Kendzierski, and the Author Gregg Andrew Hurwitz, and the Company 'North Vector Inc. in Menlo Park California are all involved in this horrible act!

Linda said...

Please...leave a message for me..if my information can be used to help stop this type of criminal act!