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Friday, November 02, 2012

The R.O.P.E.

Here is a catalog of the U.S. Patents that the intelligent reader can use for a reference point to understanding the weapons systems that possibly exist. I have found that a lot of people I encounter have no idea where to start thinking about what you are teaching them so I created an Acronym to address the issue. I call it the R.O.P.E which stands for the (Realm Of Possibly Existing) and I approach this idea on two levels. The first level involves actually trying to think about and communicate to others what exists and why it might exist. If a person doesn't believe or think that a certain type of technology exists, for whatever reason, then it is almost impossible to get them to think about its applications. The second level on which I use the acronym involves an allegory and the emotion of fear, which can be an impediment to thinking about what exists and possibly why. I will get into this deeper later. Right now I just want to start cataloging the technology. I am only going to list the Patent number, its title, author, date and abstract. The rest can be accessed at the US Patent website. Just plug in the patent number where it says Number Search. The website will give the information I have given plus the patents references, claims, description, summary, and description of the drawings. It is important that the reader take into consideration the date of the patent. Using the date I hope to provoke thinking into the past and also into the future, where we can attempt extrapolations (infer: to use known facts as the starting point from which to draw inferences or conclusions about something unknown). My goal is to post at least one new patent a week. Pass this on...

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