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Friday, August 23, 2013


Here are 2 more books to add to your reference library for Directed Energy Weapons/Studies. I have had these books for over a decade but never really read them. Now that I have been targeted, I have been reading everything I can find on these crimes. These particular books were published in 1993/1995 by Feral House. They reference all the experiments and studies that were performed in the 1960's. This is an essential resource. The first is Alex Constantine, "Psychic Dictatorship In The U.S.A" and the second is "Secret And Supressed, banned ideas and hidden history" Edited by Jim Keith..You probably won't find these at your local book store so just go to Amazon and get them used...To the best of my judgement these book are the real deal and in a world full of disinformation that tries to cover up these crimes it is essential that we discern the phony/fake/bullshit...Also get Robert Duncans "Project Soul Catcher" to get the up to date information. His book will bring you up to speed on how far the technology has advanced since the 60's -90's. Spread the word... When I get the time I am going to start a new blog with just reference materials that I use to write my reports, I will just use a little footnote/reference number at the end of a sentence so the reader can connect the info with the source... The New Blog has been started. It is and old blog retitled, Citizen Defense Manuals. Make a copy and use while reading my reports...

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