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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The scoop, the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth...For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it." ---Patrick Henry

Ok folks I am not going to spend a great deal on this because a lot will be in the book I'm writing and because it's old. I have to tell about the background so you can understand how the present is developing.

I finally put all the pieces of this situation together. How I put the pieces together is not important but what was discovered is. I found out through different means that I have been the victim of a rouge DEA agent from Tennessee. I have learned that I have been under illegal surveillance for over ten years now. Once I saw his face I realized he was an "old timer" and probably had the latitude to be able to this. He got authorization to follow me from Tenneesee because of a bail I made for a soldier that was arrested after he set the soldier up in West Virginia. Anyhow he follows me to Oregon after I had discharged from the Army and sets up camp in the apartment above me and through out the rest of the apartment complex. After conducting more illegal surveillance and a smear and whisper campaign through out the city he was finally compromised and the extent of the operation was understood. Following the compromise they continued to remain undercover and harrass and surveil me all night culminating in him requesting that a SWAT sniper be emplaced at the apartment complex. After the ground commander and sniper were compromised and I left the premises they continued to harass and surveil me throughout the morning. Upon returning back to my apartment that morning I realize that there is a full Swat team positioned in the apartment above me where they were conducting there surveillance from. At some point the local police arrive outside my house and ask if they can search my apartment which I let them do and then I went downtown to talk with some people about what was going on. I told them what I thought was going on and was told to basically ignore everything. Shortly after this, with no charges being made I discover that my home and car are being illegally entered and searched daily without my presence or a warrant thanks to the (pardon my french) fucking PATRIOT ACT which in and of itself is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. With this agents operation compromised it was time to go into COINTELPRO mode. They use the excuse of containment and safety for everyone involved as their protocol for bringing in another deep cover agent (FBI) with satellite capabilities to come and rescue the day for everybody. So using COINTELPRO tactics he tries to persuade everybody in the community that I would be better off if I got a haircut and moved back to the east coast where I am from, preferably NEWYORK, (For my own good of course, wink wink nod nod). Well before he could accomplish that he was compromised and identified by me. So instead I moved to another residence in town. Well, this wasn't good enough because they continued to surveil and harass me at my new residence. They were also compromised with me recording two agents entering my house and removing and replacing one of three smoke detectors that were installed before I moved in and then talking shit as they left the house. By the way they entered the house with a key but that's all in the book. They were also compromised when I found listening devices under my house and cut an underground wire that went from my house to the house across the street. After a year of this COINTELPRO bullshit all authorized through the Patriot Act and their bullshit protocol I decided to move again. Nothing changed and the NSA are in on the scene by now. That brings us up to the present.


At this point there have still been no warrants or charges made. My crime is being an Ex-Green Beret living in a very liberal community who has changed his mind about what this administration is getting away with and what this government is now allowed to do. I.E 911/Iraq War/Elections/Patriot Act/ EEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCC.

The DEA agent wanted me dead because his lying bullshit operation was being unraveled and get this folks he was using surveillance photos taken illegaly of women who were in the military and were either my friends of wives of my friends and was having pornographic directors in California use them in films he felt I would be inclined to watch. Pre 911. He got caught hard.

The FBI agent wanted me in NewYork (or anywhere on the east coast where this shit has taken place for ten years) so that this bullshit could continue in a place he had more control over, more people to use and where the community would not know the truth that this community was learning.

The NSA are now in the situation because nothing else has worked and if they want to continue their crimes while maintaining the support of some really stupid people in the community they must remain anonymous. They also have the technology to get away with murder and not get caught. They are currently torturing me through the use of Electromagentic waves from special satellites that are controlled form underground nuclear hardened bunkers in VA/MD/CO and other places throughout the U.S. The current forms of torture are electric shocks to everyplace on the body, muscle tinnitus (spasms, mostly at night), REM DEP (or sleep deprivation in the reapid eye movement state) and various other methods. I will get into great detail about how all this works later. You will have to do some research on your own but I will guide you through important points.


Carl said...

See, this could be the bulk of your blog! This is interesting! This is something worth further exploration! I found this entry fascinating and I want to know more about this. I think if you focused on this scene, this piece of your life, then you would have a strong tale to tell. I'd love to help you work on this piece, to get more out of it, to fully realize the potential of what this story means on a bigger scale. In terms of writing, this has potential to change people's minds. This is the strongest piece on your blog and you should get into more detail with this. Background on the groups involved in a more storytelling way, talk about yourself a bit more, introduce actual people involved instead of vauge connections to different agencies of our government...and tell the readers how you know the neighbor upstairs is illegally watching you. How do you know they are doing illegal searches on your property? There is alot more you could do with this and this might be the starting point for a fantastic story. Anyway, I hope my comments have not upset you, but I am a highly critical person and believe you are as well. I do believe you have something to say here, but you need some focus...

Special Forces Saint said...

Thanks Carl, I appreciate your honesty.