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Friday, October 07, 2005

"The Awareness Training Series" Part 3

This particular post is a little out of order but is of utmost importance to me. I recently made the decision to improve my health with diet and exercise and studying my college classes better instead of sitting around alone and depressed. Well they (NSA/CIA/FBI/DEA) don’t want this. They want you to drink alcohol, use drugs, not eat, not exercise and stay by yourself. They will do whatever they have to and use ANYONE they can to do so.

My situation has grown to national proportions and for them to continue with their crimes without getting caught or drawing public attention is imperative. So they have decided to conduct a sleep/rem deprivation operation on me. The following is some information from other sources on how this works: REM Sleep Deprivation: The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep is controlled and usually limited to one to two cycles per night resulting in micro-sleeps during the day. REM deprivation inhibits short-term memory, concentration, tactile abilities, verbal articulation, reasoning, and self will. Protein synthesis is inhibited and thereby reduces the subject's ability to heal after physical damage or after periods of extensive exercise. The result is that the subject's general health degrades as does social bonds and work/school performance. The NSA performs control of REM Sleep through various methods. Posthypnotic implants can be implanted that place a subject in a light sleep (posthypnotic trance) with various combinations of muscular tension and computer cycling implant deliveries (to be discussed later). Subjects typically complain of no sleep, restless sleep, waking up every hour on the hour, staying awake until the hour they have to get up, waking up an hour after they retire and not returning to sleep, and typically cannot recall any dreams. Additionally, they will complain of repeating torturing thoughts, racing thoughts, and facial itching and numbness. Daily fatigue, poor recall of names, and caffeine consumption is typical. Dark rings' surrounding the eyes is evident and the darkened area around the eyes can be reported as sore or tender by the subject. The subtle perceptual impairing effects of REM deprivation make it more difficult for the subject to identify the REM Deprivation problem. When the REM depravation onslaught is gradual and accompanied by a posthypnotic command that the subject "will feel energetic and rested", the subject will not recognize the REM Deprivation. Additional posthypnotic commands can be implanted that will make it difficult for the subject to "see or perceive" the rings surrounding their eyes. I have seen many subjects with very dark eye rings and the subjects could not recognize them at all.

For more info go to this link:

This operation will slowly but silently kill me without any evidence. Since they know that upon my death I am having an in depth autopsy conducted without federal interference this is all they can get do and get away with. Here is how it has gone so far:

1: The technology used in my case is Satellite based Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS) (Non Lethal) (Lasers) linked to Super computers used by (NSA/CIA) in nuclear hardened underground bunkers near Ft. Meade, Maryland/Langley, Virginia, and other secret location across the U.S. These computers can process over 20 billion bytes per second.

2. The first technique used is one in which the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) around my head is tracked/deciphered and encoded into their computers. Their computers record ALL activity going on in my brain. This information is used to determine when I go into sleep mode or reach Delta wave frequencies/ REM states. As soon as this happens the computer reads the code and sends a message to the satellite assigned to me which automatically send an electric shock to me via laser. This shocks jolts my whole body and wakes me instantly. No evidence is left behind.

3: When they stop the shocks (if they stop them), it is about 2 hours before I have to get up for school. (For some reason they get excited around 3/4/5 o’clock in the morning usually every 15 minutes. At this time I fall asleep which for them is fun because this when they start to decode my dream images onto their computers. So these criminals sit around watching what I am dreaming. During this time they can do several things; a) send me voice to skull sounds/subliminal messages/ or the encoding of images they have created at an earlier time. (By the way this has gone on for over a year). Most of their images are demented and twisted.

4: When they first started they tried to kill me in my dreams using the idea that if you die in you dreams you die in reality (by heart attack or whatever). Well needless to say this failed and I learned to recognize when they were interfering with my dreams and was able to wake up. So they found a way to keep me asleep by creating more sleep dep and the other by entraining the EM fields around my head or keeping the frequencies in my head in the delta range. They may also be able to affect the serotonin levels in the brain by perturbing certain areas of the nervous system.

5: All these crimes influence my health, school work and job performance. These are their ultimate goals. The short term goals are to decrease my health, fail in school, lose employment and finally eliminate me altogether.

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