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I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 24, 2005

"The Awareness Training Series" Part 4

I want to dedicate this post to the crimes of SHOCK THERAPY used by the various agencies I have mentioned already. As I have stated I am in the second phase of a two phase illegal operation. Below is an excerpt from another source:

The second phase is the Bio-electronic torture/research program in which the non-consenting human subjects or targeted individuals receive “electric shocks” to various parts of their bodies especially their head using satellite technology and government personnel operating ground-based super computers coupled with harmful directed energy weapons such as microwave pulsed signals, microwave audiograms (projected voices in the head), acoustics, extremely low frequency electromagnetic weapons can manipulate persons mind changing their thoughts , behavior and emotions, radio frequency hypnosis, harmonics (known as a mind control technique) and various other classified signal types. These weapons cause debilitating pain harming subjects physically and mentally causing brain lesions, stomach lesions, blisters, eye injuries, cataracts, loose teeth, leukemia and various cancers. The victims are tortured 24/7 for years on end.

I am going to explain how this technology has been used on me and others. As stated above these directed energy weapons are satellite based and operated using NSA computers. Here is how it works. The satellite tracks the EMF field around the subjects head and locks onto it. Every person has a different signature just like a retina scan or finger print. Once the satellite locks on the criminals can send bio-electric shocks from the satellite which gets its information from the computers. The shock enters the neural pathways in the brain and travels to whatever part of the body the criminal wants to shock. This effect takes place from the inside out. The shocks can vary in intensity, from very sharp and painful shocks to small shocks to irritating almost imperceptible shocks. These techniques have been mapped out over the years and with a little tweaking can adjust to your particular body. Phase one is where they gather their data on you when you are not suspecting anything is being done. Depending what the situation is depends on what kind of shock they send. For instance if you are in a social situation they like to shock your genitals so as to make you uncomfortable and hoping to embarrass you. If you are sleeping they might shock you to keep you awake. In my particular situation they like to shock me when I am meditating, doing yoga or taking an exam in school to distract and harass me. If the location of the shocks are in the throat they can make you cough, if they are in the nasal area they can make you sneeze. They can also shock your eyes and ears if they want you to see something or hear something. These can come in handy if they are trying to provoke you. Example: One of the techniques the DEA and other organizations like to use is hand signals and gestures. If you have been accused of using or dealing cocaine or methamphetamine and are part of a defamation campaign they get their informers to stand around you and sniff and rub their noses and eyes. This is done to provoke you into a crime which they are waiting for you to do. In this capacity the criminals in these agencies can shock me and the people around me like my family/friends/fellow students/co-workers/teachers and various others to get a reaction out of me. It gets worse, the weapons can also vibrate and perturb you stomach and intestines so that you have to urinate/defecate or have flatulence. This is used to embarrass you in public or social situations while these shit-bag cowards sit around laughing. More to come.

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