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Friday, October 28, 2005

Criminal Psychiatrists

I want to share a very good article that I found which is very improtant. This report had a special significance for me because of the controversy over my situation. Part of my situation is in the the post The scoop, the whole scoop, and nothing but the scoop. Any way thanks to the warnings from friends and family, I bypassed and discoverd what certain agencies were trying to do to me. The DEA/FBI and other agencies have mastered the techniques of provocation. Using informers and other idiots they would try and provoke me by whatever means and then have the dirty agents capture it all on surveillance and then use this against me as a means to have me arrested and then possibly committed. After being committed they could have engaged in the activities that are presented in the following article. I recently found by accident from a background check that the FBI had been and is still secretly investigating me and has on their computer that I am paranoid after leaving Special Forces. So get this " If you feel like your under surveillance and you find actual surveillance devices and compromise actual agents, that your not supposed to, then your paranoid. I have volumes of information that I am going to share. Three years of information that was gathered the hard way. Hopefully my testimony can help somebody else out there in a similar situation. Forgive me for not providing the name of the author of this article.

Criminal Psychiatrists

Global Thought police of the Elite

The psychiatric profession is perpetuating a secret covert psychological warfare attack against political activists and others who fail to conform to the beliefs that are dictated to us by our tyrants. Political dissidents and independent thinkers are subjected to a full-scale terrorist attack to destroy their life and destroy their mind. Opposition to the brainwashing by our tyrants is not allowed. Since 1947, research psychiatrists have been working with the CIA, Tavistock Institute and military psychological warfare experts to develop techniques of mind control and torture that are impossible to defend yourself against. These criminals can control anyone’s mind with brainwashing and hypnotic techniques. All opposition and dissent is silenced.

Death may be necessary to silence the voices of some people, but our tyrants want everyone to believe the same things. There will be no more arguments. Peace on earth will be achieved by euthanizing those people who are incapable or unwilling to support the dictated belief system.

Psychiatrists have recently developed new techniques of brain surgery which will help to relieve people of their mental, emotional, and psychological distress. Newly developed mind control drugs are helping people to achieve a more tranquilized life. For more than 50 years, research psychiatrists have been perfecting torture techniques to create multiple personality disorders and mind-controlled slaves. The CIA employed Josef Mengele, a Catholic, Nazi, Fascist Criminal Psychiatrists, for many years after World War II, and used him to rape and torture children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. This is the best age to manufacture the multiple personalities that are used for mind-controlled slaves. The Global Elite have already created armies of mindless robot slaves who have never learned that they can have a mind of their own. They never learned to think for themselves or disagree with what the authorities tell them to believe.

Reports have revealed that mind control perpetrators are torturing new born babies with suffocation techniques within the first few days of their life. Trauma-based mind control requires that selected people be consistently tortured throughout their lives. Some Americans have already been tortured for more than 50 years. This secret war is conscious, deliberate and malicious.

Psychiatrists are also engaging in covert hypnotic attacks in order to control the minds of targeted people. Subliminal hypnotic techniques are used to hypnotize people without their knowledge or consent. After hypnotically programming the person’s mind, the psychiatrists can give the person a keyword so they can be instantly hypnotized for future mind control programming. Then the person is commanded to forget everything that they experienced while they were under hypnosis. They don’t even realize that they have been hypnotized. Their conscious mind forgets, but the subconscious mind remembers and obeys every hypnotic command.

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that it is impossible to hypnotize people and force them to violate their moral and ethical beliefs. This is a lie. The truth is that people can be hypnotized into murdering their best friends. There is good reason to believe that Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized into assassinating Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. A person who is covertly controlled by hypnosis is called a “sleeper agent,” or a mind-controlled slave. The rest of the population is controlled by ordinary brainwashing by our religions, our schools and colleges, our media, and our political and corporate leaders.

Psychopathic Psychiatrists work with the CIA, the Department of Defense, and law enforcement. They have developed a huge arsenal of Binary Psychological Warfare Drugs. These drugs are used to discredit and destroy the lives and minds of their political opponents. Drugs which mimic the symptoms of mental illness are used to help psychiatrists justify locking up healthy people in mental hospitals. Fabricated accusations that people have threatened violence are used to define targeted people as violent and dangerous to themselves or others. People defined as violent can be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital and forced to take dangerous drugs that cause brain damage and episodes of violence as side effects. Violent episodes of people who are trying to defend themselves from covert attack are used to build a better case that the person is dangerous.

People who get locked up in mental hospitals are subjected to numerous techniques of torture and psychological warfare to break their will and cure them of their independent and disobedient mindedness.

Anyone in the mental health system could be a dangerous agent for covert control. Boycott mental health practitioners until all the criminals have been removed from the profession, prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated. Your mental health records are made available to law enforcement and other people who have the authority to control your life by force at the point of a gun. Global tyrants are consciously, deliberately and maliciously creating an Orwellian fascist dictatorship so they can enslave all of humanity. You have been warned.

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