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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Presidential Election 2016 Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin Connection to Terrorism

If you haven't seen this yet, please take the 8.5 minutes this weekend and watch it. Then share it with everyone you know and have all of their friends share it, especially if you work in the military, law enforcement or intelligence. Monday and Tuesday voting is critical. I know this material can be chilling and disturbing and hard to connect the dots sometimes but it must be addressed. Trump may not be perfect but Hillary is treasonous and orders of magnitude worse than Trump.
Do you ever get the sense or wonder why these wars in the middle east never end or that our enemies seem to be one step ahead. Hacking computers is not hard if you have the technology and high technology does exist. Think about the Mars rover which weighs hundreds of pounds and is now roving around on Mars which in 2014 was 57 million miles away from the Earth. Let that sink in. Now you have three bone heads in Huma, Clinton, Weiner, walking around with communication devices that are unsecure with our state secrets on them. Think about it, 650,000 emails, some of which might be Top Secret or Special Access Programs (SAPS) information on the laptop of Huma and Weiner. No wonder they destroyed all those devices and used bleach bit to permanently erase information. They figured it was better to deal with hackers and blame it on Russia then for law enforcement officials to find it on their devices. Tradeoffs.
And now the media asks us to weigh this with a recording of Trump 10 years ago talking about grabbing pussy or tax evasion which all of these millionaires take advantage of.. Give me a fucking break. And now some are seriously thinking about putting Clinton in the most powerful position in the world. The koolaid must be really strong this year. (And this isn't even touching on the Clinton Foundation investigation.)
Finally, in thinking about this whole situation, we get to the pith of the point, the BLUF or Bottom Line Up Front. If I were to reduce or boil all of this down, it comes out in a hypothesis or idea I have called 'The Political Algorithm of Power' and it is summed up in the simple equation/expression B^3 or B cubed or B to the power of 3 set equal to E(eTI) where E is the sum of the effects (e) of the Targeted Individual (TI); otherwise in mathematical notation B^3=E(eTI). The B's stand for Bribery, Blackmail, and Bloodshed in that order. I believe one of the keys to this whole operation is infiltration of moles and traitors into our government and key political positions of power. The government and people of this nation seem to me to be good, honest, hardworking people; it's the shit slugs (SS) that make it difficult for everybody else. They operate using the B^3 which has a foundation in money and human weakness. The key to overcoming these obstacles is (guess what) transparency and courage because this algorithm depends on secrecy to work. What Wikileaks and the White Hat Hackers around the world have provided is the needed sunlight to cleanse this wound. I've been blogging since 2005 and it always comes down to this and the main stream media make it worse when they obfuscate the truth.
Now I want to analyze this a little deeper. One might even call this a thought experiment if hypothesis is too strong a notion. First imagine a hierarchy based on a pyramid in which at the top you have what one might call the Global Elite or the New World Order (NWO) or the Military Industrial Complex. Then at a lower level  imagine we have politicians, government officials, law enforcement and/or military personnel.
Analysis To Be Continued.....
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Start here to begin to understand the technology I am referring to and how it is applied using the equation above.

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