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Sunday, March 26, 2017

An example of Directed Energy uses.

Hey everyone,

I'm still here in the fight. I am spending some time on 6 other social media sites so I haven't been here much. Plus, I am saving certain content for this blog. I want to lay out what has happened to me recently to give the readers an understanding of what exactly can be done with directed energy weapons coupled with surveillance.

So, a few weeks ago, I was at work in a public building, when an old acquaintance walked pass me without noticing me. I shouted his name and he turned to me and we started talking. I asked him about his start date to begin his training in the military; he was set to join in a month. He stated that he would not be attending at his original date because of an injury. I asked him what his injury was and he responded that his patellar tendons were hurting again after a one mile run. Just to be sure that I understood him correctly, I traced my fingers across my own tendon below the knee for about 3 inches. He agreed that was the area injured and we continued to talk about what he can do and what his options were as far as extending his entry date. He seemed a little bit deflated that he couldn't start when he was supposed to so I tried to motivate him and started talking about my time in the service and some of the schools which I had attended when I was in (this list is in my profile). At the end of conversation, he seemed to be in better spirits and left to go home. I finished my day at work and went back home which is over 10 miles away.
So, I go home and go to bed later that night, at about 3 o'clock in the morning I wake up due to an intense pain on the exact area of my Tibia (the patellar tendon) that I had traced the prior day with my fingers when talking with my friend. The pain level was about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being almost unbearable and 1 being uncomfortable. The pain lasted between 1-2 minutes before it subsided, never to return again.

Now, what I want the readers to understand, particularly the T.I's, is that this type of harassment is nothing new to me. It has happened many times before. As an example, I was at work a couple of years ago when I noticed a man walking with crutches. I said hello to him and he proceeded to go into the hospital nearby. About 30 seconds after the man left my presence, I received a shock under each arm at an intensity level of about 5 for 10-15 seconds. This gives you some insight into the level of their maturity and IQ.  These are the little games they like to play for amusement while they live out their existence underground.

So what can we learn from this experience that will be of real value to TI's.

First, don't fall for the trick that it is your neighbor using these weapon systems against you. As I said, this happened in a public building at an impromptu moment. Nobody was around the corner or upstairs from me doing this. These weapons work remotely and are entrained on your specific EEG signature. No one else around you will feel or hear anything. These weapons have worked on me in airplanes and in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I am not sure how deep underground one would have to be escape the energy.

Second, learn to get a baseline for your own health. By that I mean, if all of a sudden your shin starts to hurt in the way I mentioned above, ask yourself, did I do anything to cause the pain. I am not running or lifting weights or doing anything that would cause this.Let me point out a big difference here that must be understood. There are basically 2 types of TI's, one who knows they are targeted and one that does not. This technique works best on those that don't know they are TI because they won't ask the questions that I just presented. They will be the ones who take off work to see what is wrong, discontinue working out if they are trying to get healthy, seek medical help which will cost them money which may be low at the time, etc. You get the idea. Part of the torture program that is designed and tailored for this particular TI may be to drain finances.

More to come .......Updated 21 May 2017

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